Do “Doctor-Recommended” Penis Enlargement Sites Mean Anything?

A gentleman recently wrote me to ask if he should purchase a natural penis enlargement exercise program that was “doctor-recommended”. To be honest, there are very few enlargement sites that are actually recommended by real, honest-to-goodness members of the medical profession. Even though a site may say it’s “doctor endorsed”, I challenge you to find any legitimate credentials on these doctors.


For example, I know for a fact that there is one third-rate psychologist (I won’t mention him by name) who actively solicits himself to several penis enlargement programs. This man writes each company and states that he will give their site a “doctor’s recommendation” if the site pays him a negotiable fee. Once the company forks over the dough to this guy, he quickly writes an endorsement promoting the site’s “worthiness”.

So even though this man is technically a doctor (that is, he has a degree), he knows absolutely nothing about human anatomy, much less about penis enlargement. Still, he’s more than happy to lend his name… if the price is right.

A few honorable companies don’t go for these sort of tactics, and they’re to be applauded. It’s a cheap marketing ploy and it’s deceiving to the buyers of these programs.

So to answer the gentleman’s question, no…. one should not necessarily choose a natural enlargement program simply because it’s “doctor recommended”. You should select a site which has been around for a while and which has a noteworthy reputation. Even without a doctor’s endorsement, you are apt to gain some very impressive results.

Overuse Of Internet Erotica Causes Erectile Dysfunction

New research shows that your use of internet porn may have seriously negative effects on your ability to get it on with a real person.

Sorry to bum you out.

Apparently, in recent years there has been a surge in the number of young men in their 20s and 30s suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) as a result of their habitual use of internet erotica. How do we know this? Because these guys are typing up a storm on internet help forums, where they remain anonymous and thus free to describe their problem in detail without embarrassment.


Psychologists studying this unfortunate phenomenon say that, based on the fact that these men come from a wide variety of cultures, religions, values, dietary habits, and educational backgrounds, it is pretty clear that the one thing they all have in common—internet porn—is the cause of the problem.

What’s most interesting, though, is that the ED caused by the overuse of porn is physiological rather than psychological. It’s not that the porn is causing anxiety which in turn negatively effects their ability to perform. Instead, these performance issues occur because heavy porn users are essentially numbing their brain’s normal response to pleasure.

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Health Guide Recipe

Healthful vitality, good looks and youthful energy can be yours with the help of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and other life-giving elements found in natural foods. Noted nutrition expert shows how you can enjoy savory and exciting, healthful foods while benefiting your mind and body with the hundreds of gourmet recipes.


You’ll learn how to select and prepare delicious foods at a surprisingly low cost foods to cheer the hearts and well-being of your family and yourself. The secret of gourmet cookery for the home lies in knowing the right food combinations and easy-to-follow recipes. You’ll learn how reducing can be an eating joy, how a raw food plan can vitalize internal body processes, how to bake gourmet health breads, fresh fish cookery, how to feast on fats to live healthier and longer. You’ll learn of the amazing health effects of many common herbs, of certain nuts and seeds, and of beverages that can make you brim with vitality. You’ll find out exactly how to prepare delicious meals, exquisite sauces, and how to convert common, household foods into truly amazing health recipes.

Some recipes that you’ll be shown are said to prevent premature aging, to rejuvenate your mind and body, to restore you to glowing good health, and to dramatically change your life into one of happiness. Your internal organs, your joints, and your bloodstream can again surge with new life and strength. Your senses will seem to “come alive” with the keener enjoyment of the world around you. Your aches can be eased, and your pain assuaged.

You can improve your physical health and your mental outlook by following some healthy tips and how to prepare natural health foods – gourmet style – for healthful eating pleasure.

By using natural foods, you can enjoy a wide variety of taste pleasure to satisfy that craving for delicious foods. The hundreds of skillfully tastefully prepared recipes in this websites open the door to new adventures in gourmet eating pleasure.

At long last, here are the tips to benefit the entire family. The one with special diet problems, the one who feels “left out” on his restricted meal plan, the one with figure problems, those with various health problems—are all included in this gourmet feasting on healthful foods and healthy lifestyle.

Finally what you eat is second in importance to what you assimilate from your food! Naturally healthful foods prepared for eating pleasure can help you assimilate more healthful nutrition as set out in the recipes. Health foods need not be dull and these recipes on special gourmet cookery of healthful foods helps to prove this fact!

Begin today enjoying new adventures in gourmet eating pleasure and a long vital life of robust good health!


Healthy Eating Tips

Believe it or not, healthy eating is not about becoming or staying unbelievably thin or avoiding foods that you really like. Healthy eating is actually more on feeling good about yourself, having the vitality and keeping yourself healthy and when we say healthy this means free from chronic disorders. All of these can be achieved by learning and following some nutrition basics.

First of all, you need to develop some plan or a diet of your own for healthy eating. You need this diet or plan for you to make a variety of food choices especially on what to include and what to avoid. By doing so, you can maintain a healthy diet at the same time enjoy the food which you feel should be included in your diet.


While we talk about healthy eating tips always keep in mind that eating smart is still the first and best way towards eating healthily.

Starting with learning to “eat smart”, you should know that this is not only about what you take in but how you eat food. Fact is healthy eating is paying attention to what you take in and choosing the right kind of food which is nourishing, keeps you away from diseases such as diabetes and enjoyable to the taste buds.

Well, here are other healthy eating tips that would be good for you. If you really want to enjoy your food then take the time to chew your food slowly while savoring each bite because most of the time we eat fast and rush through our meal without really tasting the flavors and feeling each texture.

Second, avoid anything that causes stress while eating. We should avoid talking about things that makes anxious nor should we eat while working, arguing, driving and even watching TV news or programs which are very disturbing. Do you know that when we are stressed, our digestion may be compromised and causes problems such as heart burn and colitis? This is true so while eating you can also try some stress busters like playing a soothing music and lighting candles to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Eating early and eating often is another healthy eating tip. You can start your day with a fine healthy breakfast that can boost your metabolism. Breakfast actually provides you with most of your caloric needs for the day so make sure you start your day right with eating some good foods. On the other hand, eating healthy foods in small quantities can also maintain your energy levels throughout the entire day and sometimes this is a lot better than having three large square meals. At least in this way, you don’t stuff yourself in a food coma.

Finally, be attuned to your body. If you feel you are becoming hungry then pay attention to what your body is telling you and start eating. Of course, your food choice should be one that is healthy and good for you. Never settle for anything less because this is about your body and your health. Choose only the best food and take your time to enjoy it.