Nutrition Tips

Japanese live longer than anyone else and they boast one of the lowest obesity rates in the world. This is mainly due to their diet. During my first trip to Japan, I lost about 5 kilograms in the first 2-3 weeks… I couldn’t believe it! Prior to that, I didn’t really consider myself that much over weight, I was following common western eating habits. Although I lost a significant amount of weight, I didn’t feel like I lost muscle or energy. To be honest, I felt much better and lighter than before.

Since that time, no matter where I’ve been, I’ve kept following Japanese eating principles and I’ve never been so healthy and in such a great shape. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise that my top nutrition tips have a great Japanese influence!

Nutrition Tips

Eat Slowly

Studies show that just eating more slowly can make you lose weight! The reason is that it takes up to 20 minutes for the brain to realize that your stomach is full. Eating more slowly will help you stop eating before you’re full. Taking your time while eating will also help you digest the food better, reduce your stress and let you enjoy your meal. Ever thought about trying chop sticks? You should try it, it will help you slow down!

After a few years of eating with chopsticks, I don’t notice any difference anymore. However, at first, eating more slowly by using chopsticks will help significantly in losing weight.

More Rice, Less Wheat

I really believe a key reason that explains the generally slim appearance of Asian people is the fact that they eat, on daily basis, plain rice instead of bread (with butter!). Dr. William Davis, in his Wheat Bellybook, finds out that people who go on gluten-free diet usually lose between 350 and 450 calories a day and that wheat is a major factor in obesity.

Also, looking at Japanese eating habits, we can notice that they eat a short grain white rice, with very low glycemic index, meaning that the body takes more time to convert it to sugar. This type of rice also helps to feel full for a long time.

I used to eat bread at every meal. I now only eat bread at breakfast, and rice with every other meal, and it helped me in losing a few unnecessary pounds!

Eat Fish

I eat fish almost every day. Fish contains lots of Omega 3 acids, which are good for the brain, the body growth and they help to protect against many serious diseases like cancer and heart related diseases.

Don’t Get Full

Japanese practice the “hara hachi bu”. It basically means, eat until you’re about 80% full. How to know when you’re 80% full?!

First, as explained earlier, eating more slowly will help you figure out if you’re full or not. Also, when you feel that you’re not hungry anymore (not full), or when you start feeling a bit of stomach pressure, it’s usually the right time to stop eating. It will take you some time to figure out your 80%.

More Water, Less Oil

Japanese cooking methods use more water than oil. Techniques like steam, boiling, simmer, grill or raw are more used than stir or deep fry. When Japanese eat fried foods such as tempura, it’s usually in small quantity, accompanied with other dishes.

Seaweed (Sea Algae)

Seaweed is an extremely nutritious vegetable with perhaps the most nutrients. For example, only 1 gram of seaweed will fill your daily dose of iodine. It also has more calcium than most vegetables and is rich in protein. Moreover, it’s known to have a great amount of vitamins B-12 and A, which are good against aging. As a result, seaweed is often used in high end skin lotions.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of seaweed and its benefits, especially outside Asia, where its main use is in wrapping sushi (nori sheet). It also has a strong sea smell that some individuals don’t like.

Vary Foods and Vegetables

Vary Foods and Vegetables

Japanese eat more than 30 different types of foods every day, and about 5 different vegetables every meal! Instead of eating only one bigger portion of one type of dish, try to eat different things from a few smaller dishes. Doing this will guarantee that you have a balanced diet and that you get all the vitamins and nutriments that your body needs.

Eat Soy

Soy is very healthy. Japanese eat soy almost every meal. It’s packed with fibres, proteins (good meat replacement), vitamins, minerals, antioxydants, isoflavones (organic compound) and it’s especially known to be good for the heart and to prevent breast cancer. No wonder Asian women, who are big consumers of soy, have lower incidence of breast cancer than Western women.

Soy can be consumed in soy sauce, tofu, vegetable oil, miso, milk, etc. It’s better to avoid processed tofu products and instead eat it more natural/unprocessed, in order to get the full benefits. As with everything, it’s better to eat in moderation.

Most people think that tofu has no taste and I used to agree.

Drink Green Tea


Green tea is so good for your health. Drinking green tea can greatly reduce the risk of diabetes, different types of cancers (including breast and prostate) and Parkinson’s disease, to name a few. It can also help you to lose weight as it has been proven to reduce cholesterol.

Low Cholesterol

Our level of cholesterol, a fatty substance that is produced by our liver, is controlled by our genes and diet. A high level of cholesterol is a major factor in heart diseases. Countries that have a low fat diet, like Japan, have a low cholesterol level.

The objective is to avoid eating too much of foods that are high in saturated fat. Here’s a list of some foods that have among the highest cholesterol levels:

  • Fast foods in general
  • Butter (use margarine instead)
  • Fat meats (like bacon, sausages, steak, hot dogs, processed meats)
  • Cookies, cakes, brownies and pies
  • Ice cream
  • Palm and coconut oil
  • Eggs
  • Liver, foie gras, pate
  • Milk products (high fat milk, cheese, whipped cream)

Avoid (Bad) Sugars

Since I love sugar, sweets, cakes, chocolate, etc… This is a hard one for me! However, the reality is that eating sugar in excess can lead to diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, tooth decay, and it has almost no nutritional value. I still treat myself with a piece of sugary cake, but only once in a while (not on a daily basis as I used to do..!), and I try to keep the portion small.

Because my tongue still cries for something sweet, my solution is to replace those bad high fat sweets like cakes and brownies by natural and “good sugars”, like honey, maple syrup and fruits. Honey and maple syrup are both very healthy, and tasty! Their amount of sugar is still high, so they have to be consumed in small amounts. I mix a little bit of one of them with my plain yogurt every morning.



Food Good for Male Sexual Health, Stronger Erections, and Better Sex Life

Foods play an enormous role in our sexual health. So the next time you think about having a steak and potato dinner, consider your sexual expectations for afterwards.

Certain foods increase the desire to have sex, while others may lead to you having better sex, or perhaps more sex more often. Certain specific foods may act as sexually stimulating by they way that the smell. Others may improve the way that you smell sexually through your pheromones. Soft, pleasant, sweet smells are most commonly sexual, but sometimes even unusually smelling food can have positive sexual side affects.Food Good for Male Sexual Health

Generally speaking, most food good for sex is vegetarian, so if you are focusing on sex-specific foods then you wont be eating much non-lean meat and particular less red meat. The saturated animal fats can clog the veins and arteries from you heart to your sexual organs, and this would decrease performance. But don’t think that elimination fats from your diet is healthy either, because there are some good fats that are actually required to stimulate blood flow with fresh oxygen and energy to your sex organs.

Other foods provide your sexual organs with the vitality and healthiness that it needs to perform its best, such as more blood flow to the genitals which means stronger and harder erections that last longer.

Both sexes can enjoy benefits from ‘sex food.’ There are many ‘penis foods’ out there which are particularly good at helping at improving everything penis related, so you may wish to take advantage of these more often.

The following is a general list of the foods that are particularly beneficial to a man’s sex life in some form or another:

  • Vegetables: celery, carrots, chili peppers & jalepenos, radishes & turnips, beans, leeks, spinach, fennel, chickpeas, peas, cucumbers
  • Fruits: bananas, figs, strawberries, raspberries – any berry, avocados, pineapple, apples, grapes, cherries, oranges, pears
  • Spices and seasoning: onions, garlic, ginger, “hot” herbs & spices, olive oil, ginseng, mustard, nutmeg, vanilla, thyme
  • Other (all in moderation): Chocolate, Wine & Alcohol, Coffee, Liquorice Protein: Nuts,Seeds, Oysters, Salmon & Tuna, Fish & Seafood, Chicken & Turkey Breads / Carbs: Oats,Whole Grains, Oatmeal

Consume the following foods only in moderation for your sexual health:

  • Sugar – like soft drinks or sugary snacks. Liquorice.
  • Stimulants – chocolate, tea, coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks
  • Fried food and animal fat – bad for your heart, makes you gain weight easily, and too much over time can slow blood flow to the genitals
  • Processed foods – anything non-natural is loaded with unhealthy cheap stuff to make the food consumable longer and is generally less healthy, both sexually and for your entire body, than unprocessed foods. This includes things like white breads, cereals, processed meats (hot dogs), etc.


Effects of Diabetes on Male Sexual Health

Diabetes in America is reaching epidemic proportions. This disease entails a multiplicity of risks which can lead to complications including amputation, coma and even death in extreme cases. Outcomes such as these are relatively rare, however, the effects of diabetes on male sexual health has been well documented.

Studies estimate that half of all men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction. This number skyrockets to over 90% for men over the age of 70. The pathology of diabetes directly attacks the modalities necessary to facilitate consistent and robust erections.

Diabetes causes disruption within the nerves and blood vessels responsible for vigorous male sexual health. Most of the popular drugs designed to aid those with erectile dysfunction will work for diabetics, however, caution should be taken to heed the warnings against combining these drugs with other heart medications which are commonly taken by diabetics.


How To Reverse The Effects Of Type 2 Diabetes

“Can I reverse the effects of Type 2 Diabetes?”

Let’s take a look at this type of Diabetes first. Unlike Diabetes Type 1 where the body has very little insulin production, being diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 means that your body is still producing insulin at normal levels (sometimes higher than usual) but your body is immune to it.

As for the answer to the question above, the answer is unequivocally yes! It can be reversed. If you’re thinking and asking yourself how to reverse the effects of Diabetes Type 2, read on and you’ll surely find nuggets of good advice that should help you get started.

Changing Your Diet

Your diet plays a vital role in the reversal of Diabetes Type 2 and its effects. Changing what you eat and opting for healthier choices is a good first step, but it doesn’t stop there. You should also change the way you eat and when you eat.

It is wise to go for small but frequent feeding. Eat every four hours or so and stop a couple of hours before going to bed.

Leading An Active Lifestyle

Living an active lifestyle and leaving your desk-bound ways behind is just as important as changing your diet. When done on a regular basis and properly, it can significantly reduce the effects of Diabetes Type 2.

That doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking moment at the gym. Starting out with 30 minutes of walking daily is an excellent starting point. If you’re diagnosed with full blown diabetes, an hour of aerobic exercises everyday is necessary to combat the illness.


How to Get a Larger Penis

While it can be an embarrassing topic to discuss with your doctor, one of the most commonly asked questions in complete anonymity from men is “How can I get a larger penis?”

Men often wonder whether surgery is the only way to get a larger penis. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! There is no need to go through a risky, expensive, and dangerous surgery to make your penis bigger. What’s the alternative?

One of the first keys is to increase the blood flow to the penis. When a man is highly aroused, the penis gets larger – so you’ve got to look for a supplement that will help you increase the flow of blood to the penis. Greater blood flow means larger, more powerful erections.


There are so many supplements online! How do I choose?

It can be frustrating to figure out what works, and what’s just good advertising. The good news is that we’ve been able to review a lot of these supplements so we can give you the straight scoop.

The supplement that came out #1 in all of our rankings for cost, effectiveness, and truth in advertising has to be Extenze. Endorsed by former Dallas Cowboys football coach, Jimmy Johnson – Extenze is a phenomenal supplement to help a man get a larger penis, have stronger erections, and to increase stamina in bed.

What we loved about Extenze was the fact that it was shipped super-discreetly! It came in an unmarked box to our offices, so you can order with complete confidence.

Let us know your thoughts and how satisfied your partner is after you’ve started to get a larger penis.



How Viagra sparked a sexual revolution.

How this tiny blue pill put the BOOM back into the baby boomers and become one of the most profitable pills in pharmaceutical history.  From 1998 this blue pills was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, then the world never looked back. It has been a prolific expansion.


The initial use of this pill was not for sexual needs, it was originally meant for cardiovascular  needs. The pill was, ( like many great drugs ) discovered by complete accident as it had no significant effect on hypertension and angina with clinical trials.

Since then, it has benefited the sex lives of many older people, allowing a healthy sex life into the 70’s and 80’s.

Globally, Viagra is now used regularly by over 30 million men in 120 countries. That is a lot of pills?! The market share of Viagra decreased, with the arrival of Cialis, which is similar in many ways and has longer lasting effects.

A recent development has been the arrival of many low cost alternatives to Viagra which has meant a significant reduction in costs for the consumer. This is obviously good news for men with e.d.

See the latest update from Paul Kaiser.


America’s Next top model – Is it healthy ?

America’s next top model is still one of the most recognizable television today. It is unparalleled and no one has been able to defeat the status that it has created.  But what about the health and nutrition involved in being a model? The show has recently come under attack as encouraging bad eating habits and anorexia.


Aside from being exposed to modeling agents, photographers, designers and people who are involved in the business, you get the chance to become a mainstream star. Even without winning the competition, you can start setting a name for yourself, land modeling contracts easier and be able to pave your way into the acting business.
Modeling is about confidence and being able to strut your stuff out there. It is not all about telling the world how gorgeous you look and being obsessed about it. It rather focuses on the way you handle and carry a product in order to make it bankable and get it more recognized.

Models are needed to be able to sell certain concepts and ideas. They help the business sector thrive.
There will be new cycles for Americas next top model auditions and it is best to be prepared. If you want to compete, you have to be willing to search for a nearby America’s next top model audition and get noticed.

The previous contestants in the show did not transform over night. It took a lot of work. There would always be some insecurities and doubts, but you need to be brave enough and try until you get in. Modeling careers are tough and you need to want it so badly in order to make it.

Here are some tips to get notice in Americas Next Top Model auditions:

1. Be your own model and come in prepared. Decide what model you want to be. Have a brand of your own but be versatile so as not to appear boring. You have to be able to look high class but at the same time be able to cater to what mass media wants.

2. Learn how to communicate effectively. Practice saying your ideas out loud and with confidence and make sure you sound right. Moreover, modeling dwells more on body language. The judges will be able to decipher if you are really confident and have the bravado.

3. Be open-minded. A model has to be able to remove their clothes if a photo shoot requires it. It is all about professionalism and the will to survive. You have to take everything with a grain of salt, all in a day’s work.

Keep these things in mind and hopefully you’ll get noticed in an Americas Next Top Model audition.

We hope that modes will become better role models for young people and encourage good health, nutrition and positive lifestyles. The American Association of Public Health would say that being underweight it  very bad for your health in general.

In Germany, the trend is quite the opposite, where big is beautiful.