5 essentials that all cyclists in Spain need

Having these 5 essentials will defiantly increase your safety and are quite useful whether your cycling recreational or competitively with some friends. If you don’t have any of these your local bike shop or you could even order these essentials online.

Helmets save lives, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re planning on cycling at speeds of over 15km and you don’t have a helmet when you fall you could suffer serious injuries. Make sure your helmet fits all safety regulations, helmets should be replaced if broken, cracked or when it doesn’t. Your helmet should be able to fit snug on your head, always fasten and check it’s tight before moving off.

Brakes are an essential that should never be over looked. Brakes stop us when we’re traveling to fast and we need to stop suddenly, using your feet as brakes WILL NOT replace broken brakes nor will they stop your bicycle in time. Always make sure that the set of brakes is in working order, never ride a bike with faulty brakes. If you own a bike with faulty brakes repair them, always make sure you bike is properly maintained so you avoid rusty and broken brakes.


A Bell will serve as a warning device for pedestrians, warning them of your presence. Use 30 metres it before reaching them and ring it twice in case they didn’t hear it the first time. When approaching areas such as bus stops, shops and car packs bells will serve handy to clear the way especially.



Fluorescent Clothing is important when using the road and shared paths so motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists can see you.  Fluorescent clothing reflects the light and is much easier to see in the dark than other colours, avoid dark clothing when cycling. If you don’t have any fluorescent clothing these wear some bright coloured clothes. Safety and being seen are very important when it comes to using the roads. Always wear closed footwear on a bicycle for protection, avoid open foot wear like flip flops and Jandels.


Lights and reflectors It is compulsory to have a red rear end light and white front light for cycling in the dark, if you currently do not have any and you cycle in during times of low light and darkness then buying a red light and front white light is a good idea. When it comes to purchasing these spend 15$ or more on both lights. Good quality lights will be able to get you seen by others. These higher quality lighters are reliable and stronger and will defiantly serve their purpose by lighting up the path in front of you during the dark and helping by being seen from the rear.

With these 5 essentials your chances of being seen and avoiding an accident will improve tremendously.



The alternative for short vacations!

· 3 theory modules
· 3 confined water modules
· 2 ocean dives
· Course duration: 2 days

In just 2 days you will learn everything you need to know for fun dives with a PADI Divemaster or Instructor in the ocean to a depth of up to 12 meters. In just 2 more days, on your next holiday for example, you can upgrade to Open Water Diver (see below).

The first day will be spent on classroom theory and confined water (learning scuba diving skills in shallow water). The second day will spent scuba diving in the ocean. At the end of the second day, you will be a qualified scuba diver!


· 5 theory modules
· 5 confined water modules
· 4 ocean dives
· Course duration: 4 days (approx. 2 days for the upgrade from SCUBA DIVER)
The PADI Open Water Diver Course is your basic training for independent diving. You will learn basic diving skills, theory and equipment handling in the company of competent PADI instructors. The modules are easy and fun! Via textbook, videos and lessons with the Instructor you will be come a fully qualified Open Water Diver, in only 4 days. The first two days are spent on classroom theory and confined water (learning diving skills in shallow water), and the next two days are spent diving in the ocean.


You will be qualified to dive together with another diver who holds the same qualification or better, in conditions as good as or better than those you trained in, to a depth limit of 18 meters. As an Open Water Diver you will be licensed to have air tanks filled and rent equipment. You also fulfill the necessary pre-requisite for participation in the Advanced Open Water Course (please see below).

· 5 theory modules
· 5 ocean dives (Navigation Dive, Deep Dive, 3 Adventure Dives of your choice)
· Course duration: 2-3 days

In this advanced course you will learn the skills necessary to independently navigate underwater and dive to depths of up to 30 meters. A further 3 dives of your choice (see list) round out your advanced training:

Wreck Dive: Safe exploration of underwater wrecks.

Drift Dive: Safe procedures for drift diving.

Peak Performance Buoyancy: One of the most profitable courses: perfect your buoyancy to the point that the fish will think you were born underwater!

Underwater Photography: Learn proper procedures for underwater photography, lighting, focus etc.

Fish Identification: Learn to correctly identify the sub-marine life forms.


Search and Recovery: Basic procedures for finding and recovering objects lost underwater.

Boat Dive: Boat Dive procedures and protocol.

Multilevel und Computer Dive: For a better understanding of proper dive planning.

Night Dive: Not as dark as you think! Observe underwater phenomenons not seen by day.

Underwater Naturalist: Discover, Observe and Identify.


When you finish this course you will be in a position to competently handle diving related emergency situations, and have a deeper understanding of first aid for diver-specific injuries. For more detailed information, please contact us.


Prerequisite for the Rescue Diver Course. This one day internationally recognized Emergency First Response for the Diver and the non-Diver will teach you to competently provide emergeny first response in all kinds of emergency situations. Make a difference!


Various Specialties to increase your knowledge in your area of interest. For more information, please contact us.

How to Jump Start a Motorcycle

Keep in mind when the cold in addition to the approximate condition of the battery, spark plugs and air filter, the bike may refuse to start. Here are some simple tips to make the mechanical purr.

1. Spray the magic potion

If your bike has already prayed several times to start, use a bomb to start immediately, commonly called “Start Driver” (this is a manufacturer). A highly flammable gas that is vaporized, acting as a great starter. Send a big spray entering the air filter, either under the seat, behind a side cover or under the nose fairing (direct inlet) and immediately press the starter. This magic potion boosts the start of combustion due to insufficient feeble sparks to the spark plugs and a carburetion wrong dosage, or disrupted by cold or moisture.

2. Succor your battery

A motorcycle battery can quickly find themselves flat after a few attempts to start. The problem is known by car, though their batteries have more capacity. It is easily found in supermarkets pairs of strings start. Connect a car battery using two cords, one black and one red powerful claw at each end. Connect the black wire between the “-” the car battery and the “-” of yours, or directly on the metal of the engine. Connect the red wire to the terminals “+” of the two batteries; taking care not to touch the metal mass of a vehicle does not cause a short circuit. Train your starter battery with a very powerful poses absolutely no problem as long as it’s 12 V. The battery can of course be rescued by a battery charger. If you have a car charger, once power is not bad because 30 min to 1 h charge your battery enough to find the form. With a specific charger motorcycle, it’s longer.

3. Start the engine “the stroller”

Do you know before the departure of motorcycle Grand Prix taking place in the stroller? The only difficulty to start a motorcycle on the stroller depends on its weight and your physical strength. Put the second and disengage. Get side of the bike that fits your best, right or left, to push.

Please take the maximum impetus to the machine. It launched its mass – ie the kinetic energy – that counts. Once you feel you cannot grow faster, jump on the bike saddle by releasing simultaneously the clutch to the rear wheel hanging on the ground under the impact of your weight. If the engine is good provisions, it starts at that time. If no coughing really good start, you descend from the saddle to continue to grow. This is the position habit reveals his interest: the posterior on the saddle and two legs on the same side can rest their feet on the ground immediately and to resume the push until the engine roar. When it roars, hold the engine speed to throttle with the clutch engaged. Stop brake gently before it works!

4. Work to start

Check spark plugs for fast charging the battery. They can be full of gasoline dismantling, in addition to having been worn and soiled by “working”. Clean and check the spacing of electrodes (on average 0.6 to 0.7 mm) using a set of discs. If you do not, the thickness of the thumbnail should be in troubleshooting. Tighten the gap by tapping on the electrode than with the handle of a tool. Also take a look at the cleanliness of the air filter because it is too dirty, it distorts the proportion of air / fuel. This is too rich and can easily drown out the candles if the starter is activated.


Completely drain the battery by insisting starter barely able to run the engine. The housings of electronic ignition, or TCI (Transistor Control Ignition for), require a minimum voltage to assume the onset of sparks in the process of the candle. If the battery is washed, the bike will not start even with the stroller. These are the ignition CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) equipping most trails that do not use battery power but that of the alternator.

Bike Frame

How to Find the Right One Bike frame size is always essential to consider when buying a bicycle, as it will definitely mean a much safer and comfortable riding on your bicycle. Bicycles come in different sizes and styles of frames, as one particular model of bicycle can possibly have two to three frame sizes that usually intended to fit different physical built or sizes of riders. Although, an average height individual can ride almost all bike model sizes comfortably since the saddle and seat post can be adjusted accordingly, smaller and taller riders will find it difficult to adjust if the frame size of the bike does not fit them.

If taller bike riders acquire a bike frame size that is too small, chances are their ride will be uncomfortable and their pedaling will surely be inefficient and inconvenient. Alternatively, is smaller riders acquire a frame size too large or tall for them, it will be fairly hard for them to mount their bikes and balance will surely be an issue, especially when coming to a stop since they will not be able to land their feet properly without tipping over.


When buying a MTB bike, you must always consider the fit of the bike that you choose, as even if you bought the most expensive bicycle that you like will not be that great, useful, and effective if it does not fit you well. This is an essential reason why you must buy a bicycle with the right bike frame size that fits you perfectly for excellent comfort and safety when going out for a bike ride.

Among the key reasons why bike frame sizing is difficult and confusing is because bicycle manufacturers have different methods or ways in measuring their seat tube. Due to this reason, bicycles from various manufacturers, though they have the same sizes, can certainly vary in fit. Another reason for this difficulty is that some bike manufacturers are not even using numerical system with regards to measuring the frame size of their bike. Sizes like small, medium, large, and so on, are utilized which is why it makes it even more confusing.

However, there’s an easy and efficient solution to avoid the confusion about the frame size and this is being able to be there in person to measure or size-up the bicycle that you need. This convenient and effective way of choosing the right bike frame size is highly recommended since in this way, you can find the right bike that fits you perfectly and you will not be worrying about measurement and size discrepancies.

If you are not satisfied with the bike you bought due to its performance and discomfort, try changing some accessories or hardware. The seat post can help you greatly in acquiring the right pedaling height as well as the saddle. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that replacement or adjustments are available and necessary to fit a bike frame size much better for your comfort and safety.

What you need to know before you choose a dirt bike motorcycle?

One advantage of this opportunity is that the price of the coveted model is floating. But we must know and respect some principles that govern any transaction to achieve a good deal.

If you have already tried to sell your bike, it could not escape: many contenders to buy now directly request the floor price of the bike. Often annoying, these observations highlight a trend that has become widespread in our society that no longer buys things at prices where they are displayed.


If, for many, trading is a sure way to avoid scams, we must know the market and patterns of trade have adapted to this practice, and that only the most naive think still a bargain when they have obtained a substantial discount. Therefore the discount earned on a new bike is only rarely to the disadvantage of the concessionaire.

But when it comes to one hand, the cards are redistributed and the case potentially more profitable. First, because many other sites and magazines provide the opportunity to make a first selection of prices in a given model, but mainly because the number of criteria that come into account in this regard is more significant. Mileage falls possible, condition of presentation, maintenance updates and mounted accessories are all good reasons to discuss objectively the price of a used motorcycle. But beware, the art of negotiation has certain rules that must be respected on pain of tougher conditions of sale and, ultimately, not getting what you want.


Good information is the basis of an objective and constructive negotiation. Let’s be clear, the negotiation is not intended to rob the motorcycle seller or make fun of being inflexible in case. It is, rather, a means to adjust the value of the coveted bike in your wallet. And for that, nothing beats a good prior knowledge of the market and of the pattern.

If the document is a good barometer of the value of a hand, it should be considered as an average, a reference, in fact. We must therefore see and know these odds, but not complacency. It is also necessary to notice the frequency of revision of the coveted model, and its defects and other chronic recall campaigns which he could be. This allows knowing the specifics of the model which you are interested and engage in dialogue with the seller on familiar ground.

For example, if someone tells you that a bike has made a small slip on the left, you can, without worry, pass on the cost of this falls on the purchase price. In contrast, a motorcycle very exposed in the lower left engine, it is better to stop the negotiations immediately, because the bike may have suffered from defusing the oil pump. Knowing about it therefore allows both smell bad case, but more importantly, better negotiate.


There are many professionals who specialize in selling used motorcycles. And even if the seriousness and the services they display are often higher than those of individuals, this should in no way prevent you from negotiating your purchase. The first question that comes into play in this negotiation is that the resumption of your old bike. You should know that in case of recovery, you are not obliged to accept the rate the dealer offers and you can fully discuss also the amount of that recovery.

If you do not get back to bike, be judicious in your trading. It may well be more interesting to obtain from a professional, an extended warranty on a model dating back several years, rather than trying to glean any cost a few euros extra. In this case, you will also be possible to obtain a gift, accessory, like a bubble high or carpet tank for example. Note that the rates proposed by professionals are always higher than those applied by individuals, but this does not in any way to negotiate the sale price depending on the model covet rating.

For even if the review of a machine sold by a professional is a guarantee of quality and quietness, it does not inspire you to rush to acquire the occasion in question. Do not hesitate, and to return several times in a professional and learn the time it spent your time in the franchise. Play shows can also help you get better discounts on a model whose professional wants to get rid of. But attention, to negotiate face to a professional, better again, although knowing about it.


Buy a motorcycle to an individual requires above all to demonstrate the method. For, unlike a professional maintenance done on a motorcycle especially should be checked carefully by you. And if it is not uncommon for a professional set up a new tire on one occasion, an individual, however, you rather sell his motorcycle in the state. Negotiating with an individual can approach one another in several ways, with, as a reference, the official symbol. In addition to the mileage of the machine, its general appearance is a first line of negotiation. Any machine scratched, damaged, or a fall must be a serious negotiation. If your seller refuses to discuss this point, it is unnecessary to go further.

Secondly, the state supplies can provide a field large enough to negotiate. Especially if a big car or a sport. For the price of a kit chain or a pair of tires is often high on such machines. Beyond these essentials, you can always bring the discussion more secondary elements. It may include any accessories mounted on the bike. If it has a muffler adapted for example, you may request to retrieve the original. If the seller does not, it restricts the negotiation. But otherwise, you can also vote in favor of the original pot, and then review the sale price.

Same for the rest of the accessories, as if for many sellers, these elements add value to an opportunity, in fact, this is primarily a solid ground for negotiation. Finally, for a used motorcycle located far from home, you can sometimes get the seller to share travel costs.

Mini Dirt Bikes and Pit Bikes

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Mini Dirt Bikes and Pit Bikes are getting more popular every day, which is great news if you’re getting hooked on them yourself (or perhaps want one for the kids!). It means that prices are getting more competitive every day, and the price for a used mini dirt bikes or pit bike is very realistic.

If you’re looking for a new and used mini dirt bikes, pit bikes, and parts, there’s quite a lot of suppliers who can help you find what you’re looking for.

The trick when looking for a used mini dirt bike or pit bike is to find all the suppliers and compare prices and service levels of each one. I’d recommend you first check out what’s available on ebay. You can get some great deals on there, and most places are willing to ship your purchase anywhere in the country.