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Impeach Bush? No, Just Peach Him

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in Bush, President George Bush, White House | Posted on 30-05-2007


President Bush’s immigration speech in Georgia may have set a record for presidential product placement and plugs for peaches:

  • “I remember the peach grower, Saxby, that you sent over to the White House. He’s there saying to me, you’ve got to understand something, Mr. President, my business won’t go forward unless I have some of these good people that are willing to work long hours in my peach orchard helping me harvest the crop.”
  • “The peach grower wanted to comply with the law.”
  • “You’re going to have a card that you can’t tamper with, that some document forger can’t foist off as a document for somebody to come and pick peaches here in Georgia.”
  • “The peach man said to me, he said, I can’t find somebody from my home town who wants to pick peaches.”

If you ask me, the speech was a bunch of crop.

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