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A New Martial Plan?

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in Bush, Bush Administration, President George Bush, White House | Posted on 31-05-2007


This Progressive.org story, “Is Martial Law Coming?” gets this response from Extreme Mortman senior historian Richard Andrews:

Have you looked at the latest heavy-breathing Left obsession/urban myth?

All about some recent National Security Directive which the usual ignoramuses take as Evil W somehow giving himself power to declare an emergency, take over the entire U. S. Gov’t. in case of natural or mad-made disaster, and (this is the callers, not the Directive) cancel the ‘08 election so he can hold on to power.

I started hearing this called in to C-SPAN, et all, early this week, then received a link to Progressive.org from a lib cousin of mine.

Shades of the early ’70s, and Tricky Dick.  (Recall, he HAD to cancel the election, because with Youth in Revolt, he couldn’t possibly win!)  Of course, back then they had to use mimeographed flyers illegally posted on telephone poles.

Upon review, I find it to be a painfully bureaucratic missive about everyone getting their act together about having a comprehensive ‘continuity of government’ plan, when and if.   The Dept. of Homeland Security has been putting out similar stuff for years.  I had to write one for my tiny unit of MD State gov’t.

If we have such an event in DC, the POTUS certainly will have to coordinate routine matters for the other two Branches, if only because only military planes would be flying (remember?), he fills judicial vacancies & GSA operates the couthouses, and it would take forever to elect a new House leadership if they were all lost at once, especially if large numbers of Members were gone, too, as the Constitution requires that they can only be replaced by special election (Even the WashPost has nagged Congress on doing something about this last).

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