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A Gelt Trip To The Oval Office

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in All Things Daroff, Bush Administration, White House | Posted on 29-03-2006


A fun side note to Josh Bolten becoming White House chief of staff.  The JTA’s Matthew Berger points out that Bolten is the second Jewish chief of staff — the first being Kenneth Duberstein, chief of staff to Ronald Reagan.  No Democratic president has had a Jewish chief of staff.

According to Berger’s story, “Colleagues and friends say Bolten has been vocal about his religion and willing to participate in Jewish events at the White House. He frequently has been seen at White House Chanukah candle lightings, and participated in a Megillah reading at the White House during Purim this year.”  And at the White House, “he would bring dreidels and chocolate gelt to senior staff meetings at Chanukah, and has a mezuzah on his White House door.”

William Daroff, vice president for public policy at United Jewish Communities, says in the story: “Since the beginning of this administration, he has been a senior-level force for making sure the Jewish community had a voice at the very highest levels of the administration.”

All of which makes us look forward to this year’s White House Winter Holiday seasonal greeting cards.  Perhaps they’ll call the holiday what it truly is — Chanukah.

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