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The Washington Post Is “Very Right-Wing”?

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in Washington Post | Posted on 27-07-2007


That might come as a surprise to many people — particularly those who read the newspaper.
But apparently not to Tony Blair’s press secretary Alastair Campbell.

We read this in the Post’s Sunday Book World review of his massive new book “The Blair Years”:

Visits to Washington and dealings with U.S. administrations inevitably figure large in his account. Campbell was dazzled by Bill Clinton, spooked by Dick Cheney, and respectful (at least in the published version) of George W. Bush, with whom he discussed drinking problems (Campbell’s was worse than the president’s), running and God (Campbell is a believer in the former and a non-believer in the latter). Visiting this newspaper with Blair in 1996, he found chairman Katharine Graham “impressive” and the editorial board “very right-wing.”

“Very right-wing”?  We’ve been following the Post’s editorial migration toward at least the middle for a while.  (Are we allowed to steal the Left’s terminology and call it “maturation”?  Nah, they’d never allow it.)  But “very right-wing”?  We’d like to read the book to see any evidence.

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