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State Of Self-Importance

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in Bush, Iraq, President George Bush, Washington Post, Washington, DC | Posted on 30-09-2006


From Howard Kurtz’s look at Bob Woodward’s book “State of Denial”:

In the new book, Woodward attributes the lack of a presidential interview — which has the effect of removing a strong counterweight to criticism of the White House — to Bush’s declining popularity.

Isn’t there already a book out called “Hubris”?

By the way, Leonard Downie Jr., The Post’s executive editor, provides one the most clueless admissions in a long time: “I’m somewhat surprised at how much commotion the release of the book has caused.”

Really?  Downie’s got to be the only one in town who feels that way.  Or he’s in denial, too.

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