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No Restoring This Ristorante

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in food & politics, Washington Post, Washington, DC | Posted on 31-07-2006


Sad day for Extreme Mortman — and lovers everywhere of great D.C. political hangouts.

We learn from today’s Washington Post that A.V. Ristorante — a joint that features fabulous political and media celebrities and even more fabulous white pizza, plus the only opera jukebox in town — soon will be no more:

D.C. developer Douglas Jemal said he bought the land that A.V. Ristorante Italiano occupies and is working to buy the rest of the block at New York Avenue and Seventh Street NW. He said he would like to put offices and retail on the site, much as he did on the block of Seventh Street NW across from Verizon Center.  Jemal wouldn’t say how much he paid for the restaurant, a neighborhood institution that was started in 1949 by Augusto Vasaio and remained in his family.

A.V. closes  October 2007.  We’ll be wiping the sauce stains off our ties long after that.


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