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Getting Noisy In Boise

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in Congress, Washington Post | Posted on 30-08-2007


Reading today’s Washington Post coverage of Larry Craig, we chuckled at the first average Idahoan they presented to get colorful condemnation of the Senator.

Paragraph three.  A beautician.

“I voted for him before, but I wouldn’t vote for him again, because I don’t believe him,” said beautician Linda Anderson, 45.

Nah, no stereotypes there, eh?  Further down, we spot another curious place for a stake-out.   A Boise punk-rock bar.

“It’s because it’s a lying thing,” said Karsten Roberts, nursing a drink at a punk-rock bar in downtown Boise. “You’re representing your constituents, and you shouldn’t lie to them. I don’t think it comes down to being gay, straight, lesbian or bi.”

Extreme Mortman has never been to Boise — or Idaho — or even a Minneapolis airport bathroom, for that matter — but our prejudiced wariness makes us want to react this way: Huh?  A punk-rock bar in Boise?

Well, that’s why we shouldn’t prejudge the even-tempered, libertarian people of Idaho.  A half-hearted, mostly boring Google search reveals that, indeed, there is a punk-rock bar in Boise — or, at least a place to hear punk music.   It’s called The Big Easy, and this might be the hotbed of Craig hatred the Post penetrated:

The paper also points out that on Wednesday, Craig went on vacation.  No doubt Post reporters will be staking out Fire Island.

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