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Promper Room

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in Washington, DC | Posted on 29-04-2008


Craig Ferguson is still winning well-deserved plaudits for his sensational performance at Saturday’s White House Correspondents Association Dinner — particularly for his double-barreled blast at the New York Times.

Of course, there are killjoys. In today’s London Independent, Andrew Gumbel brilliantly dissects one such sourpuss:

Not everyone loved his performance – it was, to reiterate, a tough crowd. Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post took him to task because he wasn’t more acerbic about the powerful men and women he was addressing, and interpreted his self-deprecation as a form of advance apology for chickening out. (Two years ago, incidentally, the Washington Post took Stephen Colbert to task for the exact opposite, saying he had essentially violated the unwritten rules of etiquette with his withering take on Bush et al.)

Seems like situational ethics are always at play — even in Washington’s comedy world.  Heck, at least someone other than Jeremiah Wright is dividing America these days.

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