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Three Cheers For Global Warming

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in global warming, terrorism, Uncategorized | Posted on 31-12-2006


For some odd reason, counterterrorism expert Richard Clarke, who’s better suited for global warning than global warming, writes in today’s Washington Post about global warming, calling it a national security issue:

When the possibility of invading Iraq surfaced in 2001, senior Bush administration officials hadn’t thought much about global warming, except to wonder whether it was caused by human activity or by sunspots. Today, the world’s scientists and many national leaders worry that the world has passed the point of no return on global warming.

A flimsy connection to his expertise, indeed.  Since being a terrorism expert apparently now earns you climatology credentials, I’d like to chime in.  My connection to being able to talk authoritatively about global warming?  Simple: I’m a blogger.  And here’s what I think:

Thank God for global warming. What a warm winter it’s been so far.  Last year was pretty mild, too.  I’d much rather have 50 or 60 degree weather in January to take my three-year-old out to play than have to risk braving through freezing drizzle, icy patches, snow drifts, and other treacheries of the road.  So for New Year’s tonite, raise a glass for global warming.  Keep that warm trend going — no telling how many American lives are being saved.  How many counterterrorism specialists can make that claim?

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