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Funniest — But Hardly The Most Extreme — Celebrity In DC

Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 28-04-2006


The DC Improv last night hosted the annual Funniest Celebrity in DC contest.

Looking at the line-up, it’s hard not to think, boy, I’ve heard those jokes and seen those acts before.  But where?

Here’s where: The Improv, 1999 — preserved for immortality thanks to the mercury-sealed, concrete-enrusted C-SPAN video vault.

You’ll notice several things about that 1999 show:

  • Now THAT was DC political comedy at its finest
  • When C-SPAN drops the price from $180 to $24.95, they’re probably also throwing in a yellow highlighter for free
  • How could Mortman have lost to Lieberman?

Not just bitter.  Extreme bitter.

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