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Extreme Trivia #28

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in Extreme Trivia, Uncategorized | Posted on 30-04-2006


First, the answer to last week’s question. Who was the last independent/third party incumbent Senator to successfully run for re-election as an independent/third-party candidate?

Richard Andrews correctly said Harry Byrd of Virginia. Dr. Wong added: And before “Young” Harry Byrd, I think “Young” Bob LaFollette was the last non-Dem or -Rep who successfully ran for re-election (albeit as a Progressive). Nebraskan George Norris ran and won as an Independent in 1936, but lost his subsequent re-election bid in ‘42.

(By the way, if Bernie Sanders replaces Jim Jeffords in Vermont, it would be the first time an independent/third party Senator is replaced by a different independent/third party Senator.)

Now, the next Extreme Trivia question. In the great 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger-Yaphet Kotto-Richard Dawson masterpiece of a movie, “Running Man,” which Justice Department division regulated the Running Man contest?

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