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Worst Wing

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in 2008 campaign, celebrity babble, TV celebrities | Posted on 28-04-2007


We learn this from the Allentown Morning Call:

Philadelphia native and former “West Wing” actress Melissa Fitzgerald is discussing with national and local Democratic Party leaders the possibility of running against Rep. Jim Gerlach.
Fitzgerald, who played the assistant to the character C.J. Cregg on the hit NBC drama about life in the White House and is politically connected in Pennsylvania, has been toying with a run for the past six months, said Marcel Groen, chairman of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. ‘’I think she is fairly serious,’’ Groen said.
It was unclear Thursday whether she is already a resident of the 6th District.

Unclear where she lives?  Let’s imagine how that conversation went, using classic Aaron Sorkin-esque “West Wing”-like elliptical snappy banter.  You know, the kind of overwritten dialogue that gives you migraines:

Fitzgerald: So what do you think?

Groen: About what?

Fitzgerald: About what I’m thinking.

Groen: Which is …

Fitzgerald:  You know, that thing.

Groen: What thing?

Fitzgerald: About where I live.

Groen: Where you what?

Fitzgerald: Live.

Groen: Live?

Fitzgerald:  Yeah, live.

Groen: Why?

Fitzgerald: Because of that thing.

Groen: What thing?

Fitzgerald:  About me running for Congress.

Groen: You’re running for Congress?

Fitzgerald: Thinking about it.

Groen: Why, where do you live?

Fitzgerald: Where do I live?

Groen: Yeah, where do you live?

Fitzgerald:  Why?

Groen: So we know where you should run.

Fitzgerald: For Congress right?

Groen: Yeah, for Congress.  Where?

Fitzgerald:  Not sure.

Groen: Well let’s find out.

Fitzgerald:  Yeah, maybe we should.  I think I should be in Congress.  And we should let Bartlet be Bartlet.  Do you hear the music?



Groen:  Now what?

Fitzgerald:   Let’s talk again soon.

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