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Simon Says …. We Were Wrong

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in TV celebrities | Posted on 29-02-2008


David Simon, creator of the HBO megahit “The Wire,” saw our post earlier today speculating about the relationship of fictional Thomas Carcetti to the real life Martin O’Malley.  He sent a comment to to correct us.  We repost his comment below.  This blog, of course, is known for its diligence in getting the facts straight, so we wanted to bring greater prominence to what he had to say. … Aw, who are we kidding?  We just wanted to show off that DAVID SIMON POSTED A COMMENT!

Anyway, here’s the legendary and talented David Simon:

To clarify, the character of Thomas Carcetti is NOT Martin O’Malley. The character IS a fictional composite of several politicians.

Carcetti’s willingness to have subordinates manipulate and massage crime stats IS based on something that the O’Malley administration endeavored to do, according to numerous police officials who provided details to the writers of The Wire.

Those two facts do not contradict each other, unless someone were being reductive and, ultimately, inaccurate.

I am neither for or against O’Malley. I am being accurate in denying that Carcetti is based wholly on O’Malley and I am being accurate in saying that under the O’Malley administration, the crime stats were cooked. Thanks for the opportunity to be more precise in this matter.

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