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The Relationship Marketing Concept Takes Marketing into the next Level

Posted by admin | Posted in Relationship Marketing | Posted on 19-10-2011

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The Relationship Marketing Concept Takes Marketing into the next Level

The relationship marketing concept is not really a new idea. Customer relationship management has existed for a while now. But advances in technology, and particularly the Internet, have made relationship marketing significantly more accessible; to the point that it is fast becoming quite possibly the most powerful marketing method available.

If you’re not acquainted with the relationship marketing concept, allow me to lay it out for you briefly: relationship marketing is centered on developing good relationships with customers. It really is about creating brand loyalty and long-term customer commitment. Entrepreneurs and small Company proprietors really should develop relationships centered on trust and mutual benefit. With most of us shopping on the internet these days, it’s even more essential than before to be able to build high-quality relationships with customers and prospects. We are not getting as much opportunity to connect with customers face-to-face.

The key reason why individuals make use of the internet is almost always to obtain information. Yes, a lot of people are buying over the internet that is not the key reason they go there. Even when they are on the lookout for something to buy, they’ll investigate the product before they make a purchase. So supposing you guide someone to make the right purchasing decision without determining the hard sell, do you think they might value that? And once that person is preparing to buy, who are they most likely to have faith in? This is exactly what the relationship marketing concept is all about; developing a relationship with people to ensure they want to become your customer.


Yet how can we use the relationship marketing concept to prospects and potential buyers within the online world? Off the internet it’s easier for the reason that old school marketing practices quite often entail meeting, and getting to know, potential buyers in the flesh. But on the net we only have the internet page store front. Well, to put it briefly, the best way to create relationships within the online community is always to treat it as a ‘community’. If all that you endeavor to do on the net is sell stuff, you’re going to force more people away than you attract.

For those who have never regarded the World Wide Web as a community before, you could be pardoned for that. Although the Internet is mostly a group of communities. Every specific niche market, every hobby, every pastime is catered for. Whatsoever you happen to be interested by or whatever you sell, there is a web community somewhere that has the same interests. True love, friends, politics, products or services are on the web to be found. If you have a product or service which you sell to a certain market or niche, the chances are there exists a community online that serves that very same market or niche. If you happen to be offering an item to do with a specific hobby for instance, there’s likely to be a community through which people meet up who’re enthusiastic about that. Even if you happen to be selling groceries, people are keen to discover where to find the top bargains.

So find these online websites and take part in the conversations but become a responsible member of the community. Don’t spam people! You’d lose credibility amazingly quickly doing this. You ought to be able to add value to the community by replying to queries and giving honest guidance. That way you can expect to be noticed as an expert in your field and you should begin to see the relationship marketing concept working for you.

Ray Whittaker is an Internet Marketer and member of the Six Figure Mentors online mentorship community

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