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Relationship Marketing-Social Media Marketing-Social media relationship marketing

Posted by admin | Posted in Relationship Marketing | Posted on 01-09-2011

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Relationship Marketing-Social Media Marketing-Social media relationship marketing

Relationship Marketing-Social Media Marketing

Relationship marketing is the process of attracting, maintaining, and developing the best relationship with targeted people. Successful relationship marketing requires relationship commitments and trusts.
Social Media Marketing is a place for establishing long term relationship marketing.
Social media marketing can bring tremendous value to those who know how to leverage it. Social media marketing is fast growing internet community collaboration, especially after Web 2.0 application revolution (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) where million of people make relationship-some for just communication reasons but the majority for marketing purposes.
Business owners are little bit skeptic about loosing privacy or misunderstanding that they have to be experts in order to use social media websites. On another hand, online marketers are growing their businesses pretty successfully.

You want to expand your business to the next level? You better start marketing and building relationship right now. If you don’t, your competition will. If you don’t have a time for business visibility and finding new clients, than what kind of business you are running?


Whispering about your business is not an option but loud talking and demonstrating, buzzing, branding. Before you become loud talker you have to be prepared to offer something valuable, real value even if it is a “little secret”. That “little secret” will build a trust and relationship.
While value (content) attracts the audience to you, it is not enough to get most people to take action. Once you gain trust people will follow. At that point you have to learn how to motivate people to take action. That’s what a conversion is. To put it in more convenient terms: You have to learn how to close. The best way to motivate people to take action is copywriting.
It determines whether or not people decide to…
•    Read your ads
•    Click on your ads
•    Opt in to your email list
•    Read your subject lines and open your emails
•    Read past the first paragraph of your emails
•    Click on the links in your emails
•    Read your articles or blog posts
•    Watch your videos (and continue watching them)
•    Ultimately buy your product
Copywriting is basically what moves the whole process along. It makes sure that a prospect goes smoothly from point A to point Z without getting stuck, lost or distracted along the way.
The whole process of creating your business, optimizing and advertising is in reality copywriting.

Social media is an ideal space for making use of your copywriting skills.

Be mindful and strategic with using copywriting. Start with moderate approach to develop relationship or better friendship. Exchange thoughts about everything else just not business. Eventually your friends will start asking question about your business and that is a beginning of your business relationship and growth.

While you are gathering ideas how to attract market, make successful relationship, first check out this article to see if your website is properly optimized as a primary Traffic generator. Social medial marketing is actually additional method of gathering more traffics and sales.

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