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2012 Presidential Candidates-Could There Be Another Bush in the Wings?

Posted by admin | Posted in Presidential Candidates | Posted on 29-08-2011

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2012 Presidential Candidates-Could There Be Another Bush in the Wings?

How many Bush’s are there waiting in the wings to throw their hat into the ring?  Could there be another Bush presidency in the making?  According to some, Jeb Bush could be the rising star of the Republican party.
Jeb Bush is not focused on becoming the next president…yet.  He has been active in politics in his city and his state for the last few years and, as of now, says he is not interested in running for President.
His track record is very impressive.  As Governor of Florida, he led his state with conservative values, and he does not believe that our country will be better off by going further into debt that will be put on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.  He thinks that our country needs to realize that there are terrorists around the world and they need to be confronted.
Mr. Bush believes that his brother, George W. Bush, was treated unfairly, and so will treat his opponents with civility and will have hearty debates about the country, but will not get into the standard political fights where ideas are manipulated, rather than having open discussions about issues.
He believes that government should be providing incentives for businesses to invest and people should be pursuing their dreams as they see fit.  The end result of that action would be the creation of much more prosperity than what we are on the path to today.
With this forward thinking, it is not surprising that Jeb Bush is being discussed as one of the possible 2012 presidential candidates, if not by Mr. Bush himself, but by many political observers.

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