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Auditions 2013 – Guides and Wardrobe Tips

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Auditions, TV celebrities | Posted on 13-09-2012


The clothes you wear can tell someone who you are even before you open your mouth to speak. More specifically, you have to be careful on the choice of colors you wear for auditions in 2013    In this section, I will take you through the meaning different colors may convey to the panel of judges. It is then up to you to choose which color best suits you for the auditions:

  1. Green. It can be used to symbolize fertility, the natural world and general well-being. This concept is borrowed from the fact that most healthy and productive plants have green leaves. When wearing it for auditions you will convey a message of energy; that you feel a need of change or growth and there is a state of balance, calmness and order in your life. Other messages this color conveys are freedom to pursue new ideas and independence.
  2. Yellow. Bright yellow is mainly associated with sunshine and represents happiness and joy. There are different shades of yellow and each shade conveys its own meaning. However, the most common shade is the clear light sunny yellow. Moreover, this color is usually associated with wisdom and intellect so expect one or two questions from the panel. Yellow conveys a cheery and uplifting atmosphere that can supplement your smile before the auditions.
  3. Red. Wearing red for auditions conveys the message of courage and energy. Other messages that are portrayed by this color are determination, power and passion. If you are not a very confident person, try wearing red to supplement your energy. However, you may want to avoid dark red as it also represents anger, rage and malice. On the other hand, red can also represent sexuality.
  4. Brown. It is the earth’s color and is commonly used to represent humility; although at times it may be viewed as dull. Many consider this color much more casual than black. It is also a sign of dependability and persistence. Wearing this color to the auditions may also bring you out as a neutral person.
  5. White. This color symbolizes innocence and purity; and the good thing about it is that it can blend with any other color. At the auditions panel you may come across as open and truthful which is not a bad thing. Nevertheless, white can make you appear soft and delicate which can be detrimental as the panel may unconsciously develop a habit of picking up on you.
  6. Orange. This color can be used to display enthusiasm and creativity. It can also mean vitality coupled with persistence. Orange is a dynamic color and shows some sort of control, thoughtfulness and a desire for exploration. Wearing orange at the auditions can help balance your emotions particularly if you are scared or nervous.
  7. Indigo/purple. Purple is a combination of red and blue, which are two of the most common colors. At the auditions, this color would bring out in you a feeling of fulfilment particularly spiritual fulfilment. This is color that is also associated with royalty and abundance; it is the most common color for kings and queens. Other messages conveyed by this color are fantasy, imagination and mystery.
  8. Black. Black is the most misunderstood color. It is common in official settings such as dinner and dates. Nevertheless, this color also portrays death in some communities. The color portrays mystery, peaceful emptiness, self-control and inconspicuousness.

As you can see from the above descriptions, the color you wear for 2013 auditions can determine to some extent what the panel will think of you. Therefore, choose your clothes wisely.

Best Auditions for Teenagers Tips and Reviews

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Auditions, Hollywood, kids, TV celebrities | Posted on 30-08-2012


Starting your acting career from an early age can prove to be very fruitful. Many famous actors started their career from an early age. If you have a good acting talent, it would be a shame not to nourish your gift. There are numerous ways in which a teenager can start an acting career. The entertainment industry produces many movies that deal with teen problems and they use teenagers as actors.

A great way to start your teenage acting career is by going to auditions. Many upcoming productions hold auditions for teens all over the country! Do some research and find out when the next auditions for teenagers will be! Try to find as much as you can about the film for which the auditions is held. Do some research and fin who is the director and the producers and find out on which projects they’ve worked before.

Before going to an audition, you will have to prepare. It is not easy to make it in the film industry! You will have to work harder than before at improving your acting talent! Consider going to an acting school! You can make real good progress on your own, but at a certain point you will need professional help, and at acting schools is where you’ll find it! You will also have the chance to make a lot of contacts that will help you in your future acting career!

As a young aspiring actor, you will need a resume. Write down any school plays and acting competition that you’ve been in! If you are attending acting courses, don’t forget to mention that too! The director will be more lenient to give the part to you if you have some appropriate studies.

Be sure to arrive early at your audition! When you are waiting for your turn, don’t speak with the other contestants as it will ruin your concentration. Try to relax and focus on the performance you are supposed to give. At most auditions, you will be asked to do a monologue. You have to learn your monologue before you go to the audition, so make sure you can do it very well. When you enter the room where the casting directors are, be polite and smile a lot. Be confident and have a positive attitude. This will help a lot, because the casting directors will understand that you are easy to work with and also professional.

After the audition is over, go home and relax! If you managed to make an impression, you will be contacted. Don’t be disappointed if you aren’t!  Nobody succeeds from their first try!

If you want to find more about auditions for teens, visit our website! You will find a lot of information about the upcoming auditions for teenagers and a lot of tips on how to become an actor!

Guidelines and more tips about this article can be found click here

Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in a Western

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Blogs the Famous Media Read, TV celebrities | Posted on 14-10-2011

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Westerns are still out there even though you haven’t really seen any come out in the past months and even years. They still do have their moments in the Hollywood scene. Of course, you have to keep the ever loving ‘Cowboys and Aliens’ and ‘True Grit’ in mind when it comes to western like movies, and what effect they have on their viewers. Explore Talent provides talented actors, models, musicians, and dancers with a database of auditions

Another project is coming to town when it comes to bringing the western heat. ‘The Creed of Violence’ is the new talked about western script that has new flavor from the wild, wild west. It is based on the novel in 2010 from the cult author Boston Teran. It definitely attracted the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio that wanted to play in it as soon as he took one look at the script. He is as eager as ever to play one of the biggest lead roles. Although this was said from one of the actors friends, and could not say out loud publicly because they do not want to speak for the actor. ExploreTalent coaches you and helps you obtain the discipline you need to succeed in the entertainment industry.

DiCaprio has been offered one of the lead parts, but has yet to accept it or know whether or not he is going to accept it.

This is one of the biggest movies that have been in development next to ‘In the Bedroom’ from the director Todd Field that has been worked on for years, such as ‘Cowboys and Aliens.’ The film is being set up and shot in Universal. Spokespeople for DiCaprio declined to have any comments on the upcoming film and whether or not the actor is going to persue the given part. ‘Creed’ tells the tall tell story of the 1910 era story of a criminal that is named Rawbone. He tried to take many different types of weapons into Mexico as a smuggler. This was part of the country’s revolution, but he ends up getting caught and then is brought back by a government agent. This agent, as it turns out, shares a secret past with the criminal. ExploreTalent.com  has acting casting calls and modeling auditions all over the US

DiCaprio can play either of these two main characters says one of the sources on the inside. If he decides to play the role of the government agent, it will show his pattern of law enforcement roles in the movies that he does that range from ‘Shutter Island’ to the upcoming ‘Hoover’ movie that is a historical biopic film. If he decides to play the bad guy or criminal in this film than it marks just the second time that he goes back to the bad and harsh time of American History in order to do so. He is even looking to take on one of the villains in Quentin Taratino’s ‘Django Unchained.’

This is something that we will have to wait and see when the movie comes out. Depending on the choice that DiCaprio makes, you can decide whether or not this is the right move for him to make. We will wait and see in anxious desperation for the movie that is out there.

Simon Says …. We Were Wrong

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in TV celebrities | Posted on 29-02-2008


David Simon, creator of the HBO megahit “The Wire,” saw our post earlier today speculating about the relationship of fictional Thomas Carcetti to the real life Martin O’Malley.  He sent a comment to to correct us.  We repost his comment below.  This blog, of course, is known for its diligence in getting the facts straight, so we wanted to bring greater prominence to what he had to say. … Aw, who are we kidding?  We just wanted to show off that DAVID SIMON POSTED A COMMENT!

Anyway, here’s the legendary and talented David Simon:

To clarify, the character of Thomas Carcetti is NOT Martin O’Malley. The character IS a fictional composite of several politicians.

Carcetti’s willingness to have subordinates manipulate and massage crime stats IS based on something that the O’Malley administration endeavored to do, according to numerous police officials who provided details to the writers of The Wire.

Those two facts do not contradict each other, unless someone were being reductive and, ultimately, inaccurate.

I am neither for or against O’Malley. I am being accurate in denying that Carcetti is based wholly on O’Malley and I am being accurate in saying that under the O’Malley administration, the crime stats were cooked. Thanks for the opportunity to be more precise in this matter.

Campbell Soups It Up

Posted by admin | Posted in Cable TV, Iraq, terrorism, TV celebrities | Posted on 30-11-2007


Rough few days for CNN, what with them putting on presidential debates and all.

But in all the gloom, is there something CNN-related to brighten our day?

Of course!  Taste this scrumptious bon-bon from TV Newser:

Campbell Brown’s first documentary for CNN, “Campaign Killers: Why Do Negative Ads Work?” premiered Wednesday night after the GOP debate, and is already drawing criticism. Media Matters picked up on Brown’s categorization of the group MoveOn.org as “American insurgents” in her description of their ad against Gen. David Petraeus.

Brown said, “General David Petraeus made his reputation taking on insurgents in Iraq. But when he came to Capitol Hill in September, he was confronted by American insurgents: a liberal anti-war group called MoveOn.org.”

Sure glad the CNN fact checkers were asleep at the wheel on that one, too.

Your Brian Williams Translator Tool

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in Funniest 2007, TV celebrities | Posted on 31-10-2007


Here now, as a special service for political and news junkies, a Brian Williams translator tool. Your quick and easy way to make sense of what Brian Williams says by suggesting alternate language.

Today’s offering is Brian Williams from last night’s debate:

MR. WILLIAMS: Senator, thank you. And a brief housekeeping note here: we have built two or three rather short breaks into tonight’s program, this two-hour debate tonight. And we’re going to choose to take the first of them right now, mostly so everyone can take a breath, on this hot stage, on this otherwise cool night in Philadelphia. We will continue with our debate, from the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia, right after this.

And here’s what the patented Brian Williams Translator suggests as a speedier way to put it:

MR. WILLIAMS: We’ll be right back after this break.

On the Brian Williams difficulty scale, his version earns a 6.

Brian Williams from spotteddogs

Worst Wing

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in 2008 campaign, celebrity babble, TV celebrities | Posted on 28-04-2007


We learn this from the Allentown Morning Call:

Philadelphia native and former “West Wing” actress Melissa Fitzgerald is discussing with national and local Democratic Party leaders the possibility of running against Rep. Jim Gerlach.
Fitzgerald, who played the assistant to the character C.J. Cregg on the hit NBC drama about life in the White House and is politically connected in Pennsylvania, has been toying with a run for the past six months, said Marcel Groen, chairman of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. ‘’I think she is fairly serious,’’ Groen said.
It was unclear Thursday whether she is already a resident of the 6th District.

Unclear where she lives?  Let’s imagine how that conversation went, using classic Aaron Sorkin-esque “West Wing”-like elliptical snappy banter.  You know, the kind of overwritten dialogue that gives you migraines:

Fitzgerald: So what do you think?

Groen: About what?

Fitzgerald: About what I’m thinking.

Groen: Which is …

Fitzgerald:  You know, that thing.

Groen: What thing?

Fitzgerald: About where I live.

Groen: Where you what?

Fitzgerald: Live.

Groen: Live?

Fitzgerald:  Yeah, live.

Groen: Why?

Fitzgerald: Because of that thing.

Groen: What thing?

Fitzgerald:  About me running for Congress.

Groen: You’re running for Congress?

Fitzgerald: Thinking about it.

Groen: Why, where do you live?

Fitzgerald: Where do I live?

Groen: Yeah, where do you live?

Fitzgerald:  Why?

Groen: So we know where you should run.

Fitzgerald: For Congress right?

Groen: Yeah, for Congress.  Where?

Fitzgerald:  Not sure.

Groen: Well let’s find out.

Fitzgerald:  Yeah, maybe we should.  I think I should be in Congress.  And we should let Bartlet be Bartlet.  Do you hear the music?



Groen:  Now what?

Fitzgerald:   Let’s talk again soon.

Michael Richards Answers To A Hier Authority

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in TV celebrities | Posted on 29-11-2006


Michael Richards — Jew, not a Jew?

Check out AP’s George Allen-esque Talmudic treatment of Richards’ alleged Judaic leanings:

“You can’t feel Jewish. It’s not a matter of feeling. You can convert to Judaism. You can’t not convert to Judaism and then be Jewish,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. … “From the Orthodox point of view, if that person has a Jewish mother, he would be considered Jewish,” Hier said. “In the Reform tradition, there’s also a patrilineage. Under those categories, he would not fit.”



Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in TV celebrities | Posted on 29-11-2006


New Media Strategies is located in the same building as WJLA-TV: 1100 Wilson Boulevard in Rosslyn.  Which means, since this is anchor Kathleen Matthews’ last day on the job, we’re all part of the building-wide reflection and observation.  Wander outside our highrise for a few moments on this beautiful late November day and look up.  You’ll see the WJLA news ticker devoted to saying nice things about Kathleen Matthews — and the huge jumbo TV screen devoted to a loop of her on-air highlights, including a clip of her singing with the Beach Boys.  [UPDATE: Kathleen on the 5 p.m. news tonite talking about the Jumbotron: “I couldn’t believe it when I drove into work today and saw it there.”]  Very touching, but I haven’t seen this much state idolatry since the Chernenko funeral.  Ha!  Good one, eh?


No Extra-Couricular Activity For Bob Schieffer

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in mainstream media, TV celebrities | Posted on 31-08-2006


CBS News’ Bob Schieffer was asked by WTWP radio this morning if he ever got the Katie Couric photo touch-up treatement.  “No, but I wish they had,” he joked. “I’d like to be a little taller.”