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Planets With Fevers, Metaphors With Indigestion

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in Congress, global warming, Oh! Zone! | Posted on 30-04-2008


Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) has quite a distinction.  He chairs the only new committee that Nancy Pelosi has created as Speaker, the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

Presumably that distinction gives Markey official license to design some pretty creative metaphors, such as this:

“The truth is, the planet has a fever, but there are no hospitals for sick planets.  We have to find a way of engaging in preventative planet health care.”

Of course, on the bright side of things, at least the planet doesn’t have to eat hospital food.

How Much Is An Oscar Worth To A Politician?

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in 2008 campaign, Al Gore, global warming, Hollywood, Oh! Zone!, Presidential Election | Posted on 27-02-2007


Apparently, not much.  New Media Strategies looked at Web 2.0 buzz surrounding Al Gore’s Academy Award win for best documentary, on global warming.

As of 3 p.m. Monday, ten video clips of Al Gore at the Oscars had been uploaded to YouTube.  But none of them had gone viral, meaning no one was e-mailing them around, or received any traction online.  A total of only 384 views for all 10 clips.

Gore’s online social networking numbers are a bit a bit better, but not by much.  Comparing the numbers for the “Draft Gore” MySpace page and the five largest Gore Facebook groups before the Oscars (1 p.m. Saturday) and after (3 p.m. Monday), we found a bump of 8%.  That’s respectable, but the hard numbers are tiny: friends/members increased from 4,649 to 5,019, up 370.

With Web 2.0 dominating politics these days, that might not be enough to launch an Al Gore presidential campaign.  Oscars may mean something to the billion TV viewers, but for online activists, it’s less impressive.

Today’s “Reliable Source” column in the Washington Post has more.  Click here.

One Nice Thing To Say About The Goracle

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in Al Gore, Bill Clinton, global warming, Hollywood, Oh! Zone! | Posted on 25-02-2007


I know it’s tough to say anything more about Al Gore that hasn’t already been said about cardboard, but consider this additional fact.

The Washington Post this morning reports on Gore’s travels around the world to promote “An Inconvenient Truth,” up for best documentary at tonight’s Academy Awards.  Gore, or, as the Post says he’s called, the Goracle, “worked the premieres in Edinburgh, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Sydney, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin and Tokyo.”

Now whether or not you agree with the thrust of Gore’s global warming message, there’s some charm in internationally crusading for a cause you believe in.

Contrast Gore’s nobility with Bill Clinton.  We learned in Friday’s Post story about Clinton’s multi-million dollar speaking gigs that, “Two-thirds of the former president’s speaking money has come from foreign sources.”

Wonder if, instead of Gore, it were Clinton on stage accepting an Oscar tonight, he’d charge a speaking fee.

Three Cheers For Global Warming

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in global warming, terrorism, Uncategorized | Posted on 31-12-2006


For some odd reason, counterterrorism expert Richard Clarke, who’s better suited for global warning than global warming, writes in today’s Washington Post about global warming, calling it a national security issue:

When the possibility of invading Iraq surfaced in 2001, senior Bush administration officials hadn’t thought much about global warming, except to wonder whether it was caused by human activity or by sunspots. Today, the world’s scientists and many national leaders worry that the world has passed the point of no return on global warming.

A flimsy connection to his expertise, indeed.  Since being a terrorism expert apparently now earns you climatology credentials, I’d like to chime in.  My connection to being able to talk authoritatively about global warming?  Simple: I’m a blogger.  And here’s what I think:

Thank God for global warming. What a warm winter it’s been so far.  Last year was pretty mild, too.  I’d much rather have 50 or 60 degree weather in January to take my three-year-old out to play than have to risk braving through freezing drizzle, icy patches, snow drifts, and other treacheries of the road.  So for New Year’s tonite, raise a glass for global warming.  Keep that warm trend going — no telling how many American lives are being saved.  How many counterterrorism specialists can make that claim?