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Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Auditions, Celebrity, Famous Media | Posted on 31-07-2012


America’s next top model is still one of the most recognizable modeling shows as of today. It is unparalleled and no one has been able to defeat the status that it has created. It is one of the best ways to land a modeling contract and get a shot at stardom. Aside from being exposed to modeling agents, photographers, designers and people who are involved in the business, you get the chance to become a mainstream star. Even without winning the competition, you can start setting a name for yourself, land modeling contracts easier and be able to pave your way into the acting business.

Modeling is about confidence and being able to strut your stuff out there. It is not all about telling the world how gorgeous you look and being obsessed about it. It rather focuses on the way you handle and carry a product in order to make it bankable and get it more recognized.

Models are needed to be able to sell certain concepts and ideas. They help the business sector thrive.

There will be new cycles for Americas next top model auditions and it is best to be prepared. If you want to compete, you have to be willing to search for a nearby America’s next top model audition and get noticed.

The previous contestants in the show did not transform over night. It took a lot of work. There would always be some insecurities and doubts, but you need to be brave enough and try until you get in. Modeling careers are tough and you need to want it so badly in order to make it.

Here are some tips to get notice in Americas Next Top Model auditions:

1. Be your own model and come in prepared. Decide what model you want to be. Have a brand of your own but be versatile so as not to appear boring. You have to be able to look high class but at the same time be able to cater to what mass media wants.

2. Learn how to communicate effectively. Practice saying your ideas out loud and with confidence and make sure you sound right. Moreover, modeling dwells more on body language. The judges will be able to decipher if you are really confident and have the bravado.

3. Be open-minded. A model has to be able to remove their clothes if a photo shoot requires it. It is all about professionalism and the will to survive. You have to take everything with a grain of salt, all in a day’s work.

Keep these things in mind and hopefully you’ll get noticed in an Americas Next Top Model audition.

What Are the 3 Worst Things About Being a Celebrity?

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There are a lot of great things about being a celebrity. First and foremost, you get paid to do creative work that you hopefully enjoy. In the process, you gain the love, or at least admiration, of many people. The bigger a celebrity you become, the more power you have to effect positive change, to call attention to social injustices, to rally support for solutions. On a less serious note, you get to cut in line (and usually many, many other perks). And finally, as a celebrity, you get the opportunity for financial security. It’s not a guarantee. Some well known people actually make very little money; they live on attention and press coverage and all the freebies they can get. But many people who have achieved celebrity status earn enormous sums of money, truly riches and luxury beyond most people’s wildest dreams. ExploreTalent.com is an online auditions and jobs website for performers and a casting calls and auditions

But like everything in life, there must be balance. If being a celebrity has many great things about it, it is natural that there must be drawbacks as well. Isn’t that the yin and yang of life? So just what are these drawbacks? Of course, every situation, every individual is different. But generally, these are the three worst things about being a celebrity. Explore Talent a social networking community for Actors, Models, Musicians, Bands, Dancers and other talented performers.

Number 1: You lose your privacy.

While fame, attention, and adulation are no doubt powerfully attractive and even addictive in a sense, inevitably there comes a time when you want a little privacy…when you just want to enjoy a quiet meal without interruption, buy groceries without being mobbed, or simply take a walk without getting dressed up and made up for the camera. You hear horror stories about celebrities going to great lengths to try to assume some sense of normalcy. They try to go to a movie or shopping or a restaurant, but have to wear elaborate disguises and use assumed names. Hopefully, the adulation outweighs the potentially tremendous inconvenience of virtually always being watched, followed, and on display. Exploretalent the world’s largest talent resource. You aquire spent to try extremely creative succeed you ought to maybe experience.

Number 2: Friends and family may treat you differently.

When you become a celebrity, you may still remain essentially the same person but find that the people around you suddenly change. You may find “friends” you forgot you had, relatives you never knew existed. It’s possible that everyone will assume that you are wealthy. This causes some celebrities to become nearly paranoid about the question of who really loves them and who loves them just because they are famous and presumably rich.

Number 3: It can be hard to keep a balanced perspective about yourself.

Most people don’t get applauded for their work. Most don’t get adored. But successful performers do. And the adulation showered upon them by their fans can be difficult to cope with emotionally. Adulation can tremendously inflate your ego beyond all reasonable proportions. It can give you a sense of entitlement and the belief that you deserve all your good fortune and all the adulation.

The key is to keep a balanced perspective. Enjoy all the pleasures (in moderation, of course) of being a celebrity, but remember that it is a position of privilege, not entitlement. Ideally, it is the product of hard work and, in most cases, of years of auditions, training, successes but also failures, and a lot of hard work. But most celebrities will tell you: No matter how hard the work, no matter how tough the challenge of being a celebrity may be, they wouldn’t exchange it for any other career in the world.

Information About Agencies That Help Explore Talent in You

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Many people aspire to become a celebrity. They try to discover their innate talents to the best of their abilities, and bring them out for the world to see. These days, you can find numerous talent services online that help you explore talent, and go on to succeed with it.

They assist you in fine-tuning your skills, thereby giving you an opportunity to grow better. In addition to giving you the platform to sharpen your skills, and they also help you to get related work opportunities. If you have the ability of singing, dancing or acting, they help you to channelize your talents in the right directions. More importantly, Explore Talent they help you find good placements.

The best part about these talent agencies is they give ample opportunities to perform. There are many benefits of getting associated with such companies. They explore talent not only within US, but also from all around the globe. They schedule auditions quite frequently to find new talented individuals. ExploreTalent Increase Your Fame and Build a Network of Friends with Actors, Models, Musicians, Dancers, Manage your Artistic and Entertainment Career

What you need to do is, record your video and send them a copy. The selection is made based on the individual’s skill sets. They help people explore talent, and find a suitable career path of their choice. They might even hire experienced judges to point out the good things and the not so good things in candidates. ExploreTalent.com provides talented actors, models, musicians, and dancers with a database of auditions, casting calls.

Such companies have tie-up with all the major production houses and directors, who are always in search of fresh talented faces. They have helped many people on their way to stardom, and have gained a lot of popularity and importance among the aspiring crowd.

It is very easy to get in touch with such companies. However, before hiring their talent management services, you can do your share of research on their market standing. It is very important for you to know that ordinary companies cannot do as much as what the established talent companies can do for you.

They also help you to meet right people who develop your skills. As you enter a professional arena it is important to improve your talents to the best possible extent. These agents facilitate you to develop your abilities.

Due to their good contacts, you can achieve your professional goals faster. Such agencies will also help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. They will help you in making the right choices. More importantly, they will give timely information on auditions that suit your skills.

While some opportunities will be really big, and you might get to be on TV, there will also be numerous auditions on local levels. Such opportunities could also help you explore talent in you, and then make way to the mainstream arenas.

The market is brimming with new talents, so it is quite a tough job to find right type of professional help. Meeting good agencies can make this complex task much simpler. You could also sign up with multiple agencies to get faster results.

If you desire a thriving career and want to explore talent from within yourself, you will need to work really hard on your skills. Glamour industry is not as easy as it looks.

Tips to Look for in an Online Auditioning Talent Website

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Extreme Mortman, Famous Media | Posted on 15-11-2011


Online auditioning for roles in acting, modeling or for music composition is getting more and more common these days. Here, we take a look at few of the most important services that one should be guaranteed before registering at an online auditioning, talent-based website. ExploreTalent.com the World’s Largest Online Community for Talents

Personal space

Does the online service provide you with your own personal web page? Remember that you would be using your online profile to promote yourself.

Casting directors, agents, photographers, prospective clients, friends, and family should be able to access your profile on the web. This purpose should be served by your web page. ExploreTalent Increase Your Fame and Build a Network of Friends with Actors, Models, Musicians, Dancers, Manage your Artistic and Entertainment Career

Composing, Editing and Posting Your Online Resume

A resume is one of the most fundamental ways to tell the world who you are. You should be able to post your resume at any time online. Additionally, you should also have the flexibility to edit it according to your needs. Moreover, you should keep it up to date at all times. Some websites even have online resume builders who save member’s hours and guide them through the process of creating a professional resume in a few quick and easy steps, which can be helpful to impress casting directors. Become an Explore Talent member, the planet’s largest Acting & Modeling Website for free!

Easily, Search-able Talent Databases and Listings

Agencies which explore talented individuals largely depend on searching through hundreds and thousands of profiles to get to the right candidate. The online service should provide good search functionality in order to facilitate the communications between its clients. Your data should be readily available for search to someone who is looking for a person of your skills in the entire database.

Job Listings

The online service should provide the latest and most up-to-date job listings to its members, so that they can make preparations for auditions and act accordingly. A website with an out-of-date job listing has little use and only creates confusion between its members and clients. Furthermore, the job listings should be large enough to cater to the needs of the large user base in an effective and efficient manner.

Personal Statistics

The online service should provide you with a counter and track down all the statistics of the number of people who have viewed your web page, and also the number of times your data came up on clients’ search. This should tell you more about those clients which explore talent similar to your skills.

Other Miscellaneous Features

It is also desirable that the website provides you with some other secondary features other than creating and maintaining your online profile. You should be able to upload your photos and videos of yourself that promote your chances of getting hired. There is a greater possibility that a client may hire you if they saw your pictures of a photo shoot session online than by simply reading your resume.

Notifications and Contact

The online service should notify you of any latest happenings related to your field, and you should be able to contact the required personnel timely. This should also work the other way round – your clients should find it easy to contact you as well.

In summary, and online auditioning site, which helps casting agencies to explore talent and talented individuals to find a platform to launch their careers should serve as a go-between both parties, and allow easy communications between people who have similar interests. Its usage and functionality should be clear and concise, and it should provide its services at reasonable prices to its customers. Only then it can keep its clients satisfactory and happy.

Madonna’s Neighbor at Her Upper East Side Apartment is Suing Her for Being Too Loud

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Famous Media | Posted on 17-10-2011


This is one of the most embarrassing things to go through when it comes to being a star and having your business out there. Madonna’s downstairs neighbor at one of her few New York City properties is deciding to sue her for making too much noise over the course of the three years that the neighbor has lived downstairs from her. Madonna was using this apartment as her rehearsal and even a work out studio and this means playing loud music at different times and stomping around with the people that she had over rehearsing with her. It would last every day for one to three hours a day. The judge in Manhattan, Louis York has allowed the lawsuit to proceed.Explore talent  Increase Your Fame and Have a Good Time Making Friends with Actors, Models, Musicians, Dancers.

This was something that made the plaintiff leave her apartment on numerous occasions, and even interrupted different parties that she was hosting in her own apartment because of the noise and banging above. She complained to Madonna on numerous occasions, and the building owners as well. Madonna had work done in order to buffer some of the noise that was going on in her apartment, but it apparently was unsuccessful. Madonna, in her defense, said that the noise was during the day and that it never exceeded three hours time. It also never reached a prohibited time by city codes standards. She is, after all Madonna. If the person works from home, and they have to get things done than this is going to be a great bother and put a damper in their whole day. Exploretalent leading social entertainment destination

Of course, since she is Madonna than sometimes the courts will rule in her favor just because of that. The price of the apartment is very high, and if you cannot inhibit the area that you’re paying for than you might as well move. Who is going to want to move though when you enjoy living in that space just because the person above you does not have the common sense to be quiet. She can go to an actual exercise studio or dance studio if she wants, or even have gotten a lower level apartment to do these things in. This is because people are living below her and need to know that they can actually live there without headaches day after day. Madonna has already moved her exercise studio to a new apartment to stop the noise from that, but the tenant is not going to give up until they get everything that they think is theirs. Exploretalent.com provides talented actors, models, musicians, and dancers with a database of auditions

This is probably a battle that has already been won since Madonna moved her noise making things to a new apartment, and because well they know that Madonna has a lot of money and they want to make something off of the anguish and torment that they had to go through by putting off their work schedule and not being able to make money. This can become a serious problem, and they might just make bank on it. 

Are You One of the New Stars of the Fall TV Lineup?

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There are a lot of familiar faces coming back to television this Fall in new roles. Sarah Michelle Gellar is back. Goodbye, Buffy. Hello, Ringer. Christina Applegate, who starred in Samantha Who? And Married With Children is back, this time in Up All Night with Maya Rudolph (fresh off the summer hit movie Bridesmaids and also previously on TV as a Saturday Night Live cast member). Tim Allen is back on the small screen, this time starring in Last Man Standing. Ashton Kutcher joins the Two and a Half Men cast following Charlie Sheen’s messy departure. James Spader reports to work at The Office as the new boss. These and dozens of other stars return to TV. But they are joined by some terrific newcomers. Watch out, stars, these newbies may steal the spotlight!

Man Up

Tim Allen’s co-stars in Last Man Standing

Jennifer Morrison in Once Upon a Time

Jane Levy in Suburgatory

Terra Nova

Whitney Cummings

Do you know Bailee Madison? You will. This fall, she co-stars in Powers on FX. Just 11, Bailee was first seen in the film Just Go With It and will be seen next in Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. How about Bella Thorne? She’s the 12-year-old star of Shake It Up! on Disney Channel. Her co-star is 13-year-old Zendaya.

But some young actors are also making their returnDreama Walker Is another fresh face on TV this Fall. She stars in Apartment 23. Look for David Hornsby in How to Be a Gentleman.

How about you? Do you have your eyes on the prize? Use the services of Explore Talent. Learn immediately about new casting calls, new modeling auditions, new music and dance auditions, and new opportunities for crew members. Nearly six million people use Explore Talent to find more than 60,000 new auditions and job openings every month (that’s 40—forty!—times more than other talent sites). Plus, Explore Talent helps talented actors, singers, dancers, and others build their web pages, showcase their resumes online, and market their talents effectively.

Ludacris Performance At Correspondents Dinner

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It’s Sunday afternoon and the White House Correspondents Association Dinner just concluded. No seriously, it’s still going on. No seriously, they’re only up to Best Supporting Actress. No seriously, and you thought the Six Day War went long.

Stephen Colbert is being roundly panned for his mean-spirited performance. He was big on edge, short on rib-tickling. And the audience? A tough crowd reacting with embarrasment and silence. From my table I counted three rounds of infectious yawns spreading around the room like the wave at football games. It’s gotta be tough to hear silence when telling rat-a-tat jokes in front of 3,000 people. Imagine singing the Spanish Star Spangled Banner to the Minutemen. Even worse, these were mostly drunk reporters — normally an easy mark. Colbert’s editorial act quickly sobered folks up like an unwelcome buzz kill, like a newspaper’s retirement buyout offer was rescinded. (By the way, cheers to Fox News for good-naturedly running the clip of Colbert mocking Fox News for presenting both sides of the issue — the President’s side and the Vice President’s side.)
Meanwhile, Extreme Mortman was Extremely proud to have a better seat than Def Jam rapper Ludacris, who sat one table behind me. To be fair, throughout the night Ludacris had many more people asking for his autograph and photo than I, who had none. Ludacris did provide me one fascinating scene to watch. When the dinner ended, the crowd stampeded the exits like a massive hostage release. I was one of the first to make it to the Washington Hilton’s lower entranceway. But I and others were blocked by security who said no one could leave through those doors until the President was out the building. As I began the trek to the upper level doors, Ludacris walked right by. He was spotted by one of the security agents, who called out “Chris!” The security guy left his post to personally escort Ludacris to a place he could quietly and immediately exit — off the Hilton’s massive back patio over an iron gate. I followed and watched Ludacris’ entourage scale that fence. Thanks to the Ludacris-friendly security guy they all probably saved a whole 90 seconds of wait time.

In my next life, I’d like to be a rap artist. Quicker getaways, with beefy escorts, too. Something Stephen Colbert might have needed.

Blogs The Famous Media Reads: John Harwood

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in blogs, Blogs the Famous Media Read, Famous Media | Posted on 28-02-2006


Now, the next installment in Extreme Mortman’s regular feature: a peek inside the blog-reading habits of our nation’s top reporters and media celebrities. John Harwood is national political editor for the Wall Street Journal. He writes the paper’s regular political column Washington Wire. And he’s a smart, big-time TV commentator, offering political analysis on television programs including Meet the Press and Washington Week with Gwen Ifil and National Journal.

And now, John Harwood — here’s what he tells Extreme Mortman he reads:
My favorite and most frequent destination is realclearpolitics.com, which has a great collection of current polling data and links to smart commentators. I like Marshall Wittmann’s blog, bullmoose.blogger.blogspot.com. I tend to visit blogs not at a set time but rather because I’ve heard of something especially there or I want to sample activist reaction to a specific political development. Those include redstate, instapundit, huffingtonpost and dailykos.

Blogs The Famous Media Reads: Jake Tapper

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in blogs, Blogs the Famous Media Read, Famous Media, Jake and the Tapman, Tap Tapper Tappest | Posted on 23-02-2006


Now, the next installment in Extreme Mortman’s regular feature: a peek inside the blog-reading habits of our nation’s top reporters and media celebrities. And hoooo boy, when you talk media celebrity, no one quite fits that description like Jake Tapper. The skyrocketing star of this lovely and talented ABC News Correspondent refuses to end. And attention fellow bloggers — he’s one of us. He’s got his own groovy blog now, and in the old days he wrote for salon.com. So stick with your craft. Some day soon you too might contribute regularly to “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” “World News Tonight,” and “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”


And now, Jake Tapper — here’s what he tells Extreme Mortman he reads:
As a base tan, I start my day on the websites of MSM….ABCNews.com, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. Good preparation for general topics the blogs will be discussing. Also, of course, Drudge.

I see what folks have posted to my blog at abc (I have some very feisty post-ers), and see what my fellow-blogging ABC colleagues have posted…whether Jim Sciutto, Ned Potter, Manny Medrano or others….

Then it’s into the blogosphere.

Dive!! Dive!!

I tend to first check out Andrewsullivan.com and Kausfiles.com….I blog, therefore I am. Pals Andrew and Mickey, an iconoclastic conservative and an angst-filled Democrat, who seldom fail to have interesting links and thoughts as they deal with issues they have about their respective right/left “sides.” (Though I wish Mickey would post a bit more. And not so much about cars.)

In no particular order, I click on various favorites from the opinion or partisan field….


RIGHT! I see what opinionjournal.com has come up with…instapundit… .littlegreenfootballs… .hugh hewitt… .National Review’s “The Corner”… .The Volokh Conspiracy (I put Prof Volokh on TV once, for his thoughts on abortion and the Constitution, which I’d first read on his blog)

LEFT! It’s TalkingPointsMemo… DailyKos… The Huffington Post… jameswolcott.com (interviewed Wolcott for a show on ABC News Now about his book “Attack Poodles”)… and the American Prospect’s “Tapped.”

Also check out the biz blogs — mediabistro.com and fishbowldc…..

Michael Yon is an embedded blogger whom I met through a Fred Friendly seminar I recently moderated on the media in a time of war. Fascinating stuff from the frontlines.

Met Craig Newmark (aka Craig from Craigslist) through a Nightline profile I did of him and I sometimes check his site out, too, though again — a too infrequent poster, IMHO.

There are a ton of others I peruse less regularly, including Powerline, Lileks, the post-Cox Wonkette, Michelle Malkin, et al.

The vitriol out there tends not to bother me too much, but it does often bore me. I seek new information, unique takes on things.

Gawker. Defamer.

When I was covernig the Terri Schiavo case I checked out the “How Appealing” blog several times a day. Ditto for SCOTUSblog when I’m checking out Supreme Court stuff.

They make up an ideological bouillabaisse, these blogs, and I indulge.