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Cheney’s Comedy Challenge

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in Bush Administration, Political comedy | Posted on 30-03-2006


At last year’s Radio-TV Correspondents Dinner, VP Cheney had killer material.  Subbing for President Bush, who was in Rome for the papal funeral, Cheney said: “I’m not into funny.”   He described ”a strange sensation in my chest.  Lynne told me, ‘Dick, that’s called laughing.’”

At last night’s dinner, filling in for the President a second straight year, Cheney was far less funny, and far more predictable.  He went back to that comedy crutch that President Bush has used at these dinners — slide shows.  That easy-way out gimmick has run its course — and is hardly funny anymore.  Perhaps the Radio-TV Correspondents Dinner is diving toward B-level status, leaving the “A” material and “A” talent to the April White House Correspondents Dinner.  Next month Stephen Colbert performs.  I can’t even remember the name of the guy who did it last night.

Recommendation for the White House gagsters — shake up your joke-writing operation, just like you’re currently shaking up the front office.  Bring in new talent, new blood.  If all the good jokers are  headed for cushy comedy gigs on K Street, find new ones.  Enough with the slide shows.  In fact, take the slide shows — please.  We want 15 minutes of  brilliant stand-up — no audio/visual assistance anywhere.

Perhaps the GOP’s top comedy writers are hiding in a secret undisclosed location.  Anyone checked the comedy caves?

(By the way, the name of last night’s comedian  is Frank Caliendo.  To see a  clip of him in action, go to the great website politicalhumor.about.com.)

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