It would be impossible to describe all the scuba diving sites on Tenerife, but here you will find a short description of some. Many scuba diving sites have names other than those mentioned, but I have attempted to use the one best known or most commonly used.

LAS ERAS, the most northern of our scuba diving sites, offers some of the island’s most attractive marine life: shoals of barracuda, gold stripes, trumpet fish, trigger fish, morays, angel sharks and more. Las Eras is accessible only when the wind is from the south. Open to Advanced Open Water Divers+. Depth 15 to 60 meters. Shore dive.
ABADES is a small village on the sea offering 3 dive sites. ABADES BEACH is an ideal afternoon dive site or beginners site with a sand bottom and some beds of sea grass. Depth 12 meters. Shore dive.MOUNT ABADES has a depth of 18 meters and there is a great variety of marine life around the base of this defunct volcano. Shore dive.BOTTLENECK BAY offers caves containing shy octopus, cardinal fish, trumpet fish and other species. Depth 16 meters. Shore dive.


In Las Americas a popular dive school is Diving Atlantis. They have staff who can speak many languages. Here is the link for turtle diving.

TEJITA is called “The Steps” and contains breathtaking rock formations and a shallow cave system, unfortunately too dangerous to enter. The diver encounters large tuna, eagle rays, and numerous other species. Depth 15 to 28 meters. Shore dive.
LOS ABRIGOS “The Mount” has a maximum depth of 20 meters. Around the base of this seamount the diver finds interesting rock formations and a large array of marine species, including an expanse of garden eels. A favorite for photographers or “fish-prodders”..Boat or shore dive.

LOS ABRIGOS “The Caves” is accessed via a large sea pool and exited via a large lava tube which connects to 3 adjacent caves. These caves contain some of the largest sea anemones to be found in the waters around Tenerife. The dive then continues to a hidden cave full of soft coral at 6 meters, a drop down to a shoal of roncadores and then a swim-through which leads home. Depth 15 meters. Shore dive.
MONTANA AMARILLA, “Yellow Mountain, is open to all certified divers of every level. This scuba diving site features large atlantic rays, shoals of roncadores, swim throughs and a drop off for those looking for a deep dive. Depth 12 to 50 meters. Boat or shore dive.

LAS GALLETAS: Off the harbour of Las Galletas are many scuba diving sites within easy boat reach, all among the most popular dives in Tenerife. CORAL ARCH: As the name implies, the diver finds many swim-throughs and arches, as well as numerous species of marine life. Depth 26m. Boat dive. CHAMPIGNON: A rock formation here has been weathered to the shape of a mushroom. Shoals of jacks and bonitos often pass by. Depth 20 to 40 meters. Boat dive. STINGRAY CITY: The dive features a small wreck, numerous rays of various species, trumpet fish, morays and other marine life. Depth 22 meters. Boat dive.
EL CONDESITO: This harbour vessel wreck lies between 9 and 18 meters and features large numbers of trumpetfish, bream and other species. Boat dive.

BLACK CORAL is found from a depth of 40 meters. There is also a soft coral formation on a ledge at that depth. The dive site is very close to the Condesito, and is open only to very experienced divers. Depth 40+ meters. Boat dive.
PALMAR CAVES features a cross monument for the 3 divers lost at this site, whose deaths have remained unexplained to date. This is a favorite dive for sighting morays of various species. Depth 30 meters. Boat dive.

PLAYA PARAISO offers several different scuba diving sites, ranging in depth from 5 to 30 meters, for every level of experience. The site offers a large spectrum of marine life, including Atlantic rays, butterfly rays, shoals of bream and angel sharks. Boat or shore dive.
MARAZUL features dramatic boulders, swim throughs and caves. The site is characterised by extremely clear water, as the name suggests, and a stunning amount of marine life.. Depth 5 to 30 meters. Shore dive.