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Zippy Do Dah!

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in mainstream media | Posted on 28-03-2006


Great headline: “Carter Dishes on ‘Zippy,’ ‘Purple Steve’”

It’s above a story in Broadcasting & Cable mag that begins this way:

When New York Times reporter Bill Carter’s hotly anticipated book on the TV industry comes out this spring, don’t expect to see NBC Universal exec Jeff Zucker lining up for a signed copy at the book party.

Instead, look for CBS Corp.’s Les Moonves and ex-ABC President Lloyd Braun to lead the toasts.

The story by Joel Topcik says that Moonves calls Zucker, “Zippy.”  And that “Zucker is characterized as failing upward while NBC’s prime time schedule unraveled. Agents complain that he was inattentive during meetings, focusing more on the TV sets in his office than on the major writers pitching him their series.”

And who is  “Purple Steve”?  It’s ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson — an agent coined the nickname because “when he got angry, he would get so red in the face.”

Wonder if he was zippy about doing that.

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