How to Jump Start a Motorcycle

Keep in mind when the cold in addition to the approximate condition of the battery, spark plugs and air filter, the bike may refuse to start. Here are some simple tips to make the mechanical purr.

1. Spray the magic potion

If your bike has already prayed several times to start, use a bomb to start immediately, commonly called “Start Driver” (this is a manufacturer). A highly flammable gas that is vaporized, acting as a great starter. Send a big spray entering the air filter, either under the seat, behind a side cover or under the nose fairing (direct inlet) and immediately press the starter. This magic potion boosts the start of combustion due to insufficient feeble sparks to the spark plugs and a carburetion wrong dosage, or disrupted by cold or moisture.

2. Succor your battery

A motorcycle battery can quickly find themselves flat after a few attempts to start. The problem is known by car, though their batteries have more capacity. It is easily found in supermarkets pairs of strings start. Connect a car battery using two cords, one black and one red powerful claw at each end. Connect the black wire between the “-” the car battery and the “-” of yours, or directly on the metal of the engine. Connect the red wire to the terminals “+” of the two batteries; taking care not to touch the metal mass of a vehicle does not cause a short circuit. Train your starter battery with a very powerful poses absolutely no problem as long as it’s 12 V. The battery can of course be rescued by a battery charger. If you have a car charger, once power is not bad because 30 min to 1 h charge your battery enough to find the form. With a specific charger motorcycle, it’s longer.

3. Start the engine “the stroller”

Do you know before the departure of motorcycle Grand Prix taking place in the stroller? The only difficulty to start a motorcycle on the stroller depends on its weight and your physical strength. Put the second and disengage. Get side of the bike that fits your best, right or left, to push.

Please take the maximum impetus to the machine. It launched its mass – ie the kinetic energy – that counts. Once you feel you cannot grow faster, jump on the bike saddle by releasing simultaneously the clutch to the rear wheel hanging on the ground under the impact of your weight. If the engine is good provisions, it starts at that time. If no coughing really good start, you descend from the saddle to continue to grow. This is the position habit reveals his interest: the posterior on the saddle and two legs on the same side can rest their feet on the ground immediately and to resume the push until the engine roar. When it roars, hold the engine speed to throttle with the clutch engaged. Stop brake gently before it works!

4. Work to start

Check spark plugs for fast charging the battery. They can be full of gasoline dismantling, in addition to having been worn and soiled by “working”. Clean and check the spacing of electrodes (on average 0.6 to 0.7 mm) using a set of discs. If you do not, the thickness of the thumbnail should be in troubleshooting. Tighten the gap by tapping on the electrode than with the handle of a tool. Also take a look at the cleanliness of the air filter because it is too dirty, it distorts the proportion of air / fuel. This is too rich and can easily drown out the candles if the starter is activated.


Completely drain the battery by insisting starter barely able to run the engine. The housings of electronic ignition, or TCI (Transistor Control Ignition for), require a minimum voltage to assume the onset of sparks in the process of the candle. If the battery is washed, the bike will not start even with the stroller. These are the ignition CDI (capacitor discharge ignition) equipping most trails that do not use battery power but that of the alternator.

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