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Preconditions On Meeting The World’s Bad Guys?

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in 2008 campaign, foreign policy, Hillary Clinton, Presidential Election | Posted on 27-07-2007


Here’s the latest from the presidential campaign trail, as reported in today’s Washington Post:

A debate moment that might have quickly come and gone has erupted into the sharpest battle of the Democratic nominating contest, with Sen. Barack Obama yesterday comparing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s position on meeting with the leaders of hostile states to the adamant refusal of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

“You’ll have to ask Senator Clinton what differentiates her position from theirs,” Obama challenged reporters on a conference call, stoking a fire ignited four days earlier when both were asked how they would approach countries such as North Korea and Iran if elected president.

Actually, preconditions are neither Bush nor Cheney policy. They’re Clinton’s — Bill Clinton’s.

A 1998 Asia Week piece about former Tiananmen Square protest leader Wang Dan:

Wang was by far the most prominent veteran of Tiananmen in prison, but not the only one. Human Rights In China (HRIC) recently published a list of 158 people from Beijing alone who remain incarcerated in connection with their activities during those fateful spring days nine years ago. The group is providing U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright with a list of names in preparation for her trip to China to lay the groundwork for President Bill Clinton’s planned state visit in late June and early July. Wang’s release is believed to have been an American precondition for the summit, although both sides deny it.

Good policy then, good policy now.

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