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Your Brian Williams Translator Tool

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in Funniest 2007, TV celebrities | Posted on 31-10-2007


Here now, as a special service for political and news junkies, a Brian Williams translator tool. Your quick and easy way to make sense of what Brian Williams says by suggesting alternate language.

Today’s offering is Brian Williams from last night’s debate:

MR. WILLIAMS: Senator, thank you. And a brief housekeeping note here: we have built two or three rather short breaks into tonight’s program, this two-hour debate tonight. And we’re going to choose to take the first of them right now, mostly so everyone can take a breath, on this hot stage, on this otherwise cool night in Philadelphia. We will continue with our debate, from the campus of Drexel University in Philadelphia, right after this.

And here’s what the patented Brian Williams Translator suggests as a speedier way to put it:

MR. WILLIAMS: We’ll be right back after this break.

On the Brian Williams difficulty scale, his version earns a 6.

Brian Williams from spotteddogs

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