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Lucy Liu and Katie Homes Bring it in with Azzedine Alaia

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Fashion | Posted on 16-10-2011


Katie Holmes definitely is one star to follow when it comes to fashion and the walk down the red carpet. She is always looking her best, even if it is just something that she lounges around the house in. You can find her in fashions that you would not normally find on any other stars. This is something that you should look into when it comes to the latest fashion trends because she knows it. This year in explore talent, Katie Holmes rocked out in a laid back look that you would normally find her wearing at home this weekend during the MTV Music Awards that are out there. She was wearing one of the most beautiful Azzedine Alaia dresses with tan Proenza Schouler boots. She wore this to present the award to Katy Perry for the video of the year. This was one of the prettiest dresses out there, and she definitely pulled it off when it came to wearing it and announcing the award. Visit us @ exploretalent.com for more info.

Lucy Liu is another one out there that can wear anything fashionable and pull it off.

She is also known for being in fashion in all of the year’s up to date trends and styles and a lot of women look to her for the best colors, brands, and looks. She is always making sure to make an entrance and choose to wear certain items when it comes to walking out on the red car. Her and Katie Holmes would make a wonderful pair in what they can wear while lounging at home. Always able to wear something that looks good and is in style to clean the house. Earlier in the year, before the VMAs, Lucy Liu was spotted wearing this wonderful little casual dress to a screening of a film in New York. She wore the beautiful little dress that she wore with patent heels in a nude color and paired it with a quilted red Chanel bag.

This is one of the many looks that Lucy can pull off exploretalent.

Even though Lucy pulled it off and looked beautiful in what she was wearing and how she paired it, Katie definitely had an upper hand on hers as well. Katie’s style had more of a comfort and slick control about it while Lucy’s was more flashy and out there. It was more dress down, and Lucy was more dressed up when it came to their dresses and what they offer. This is something that brought more to both of their looks in the end. At the same awards show, Katy Perry was vibrantly dressed up with a bright yellow box placed on her head and Lady Gaga came in dressed as a man. Even though they were all dressed up, everyone looked fabulous and brought new vibrant and different looks to the table in the end. There is definitely something to learn here when it comes to fashion and what is offered from the stars that come in dressed up. This can be one VMA ceremony to remember when it comes to fashion and being out there.

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