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What Are the 3 Worst Things About Being a Celebrity?

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Extreme Fineman, Extreme Mortman, Extreme Trivia, Famous Media | Posted on 23-11-2011

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There are a lot of great things about being a celebrity. First and foremost, you get paid to do creative work that you hopefully enjoy. In the process, you gain the love, or at least admiration, of many people. The bigger a celebrity you become, the more power you have to effect positive change, to call attention to social injustices, to rally support for solutions. On a less serious note, you get to cut in line (and usually many, many other perks). And finally, as a celebrity, you get the opportunity for financial security. It’s not a guarantee. Some well known people actually make very little money; they live on attention and press coverage and all the freebies they can get. But many people who have achieved celebrity status earn enormous sums of money, truly riches and luxury beyond most people’s wildest dreams. ExploreTalent.com is an online auditions and jobs website for performers and a casting calls and auditions

But like everything in life, there must be balance. If being a celebrity has many great things about it, it is natural that there must be drawbacks as well. Isn’t that the yin and yang of life? So just what are these drawbacks? Of course, every situation, every individual is different. But generally, these are the three worst things about being a celebrity. Explore Talent a social networking community for Actors, Models, Musicians, Bands, Dancers and other talented performers.

Number 1: You lose your privacy.

While fame, attention, and adulation are no doubt powerfully attractive and even addictive in a sense, inevitably there comes a time when you want a little privacy…when you just want to enjoy a quiet meal without interruption, buy groceries without being mobbed, or simply take a walk without getting dressed up and made up for the camera. You hear horror stories about celebrities going to great lengths to try to assume some sense of normalcy. They try to go to a movie or shopping or a restaurant, but have to wear elaborate disguises and use assumed names. Hopefully, the adulation outweighs the potentially tremendous inconvenience of virtually always being watched, followed, and on display. Exploretalent the world’s largest talent resource. You aquire spent to try extremely creative succeed you ought to maybe experience.

Number 2: Friends and family may treat you differently.

When you become a celebrity, you may still remain essentially the same person but find that the people around you suddenly change. You may find “friends” you forgot you had, relatives you never knew existed. It’s possible that everyone will assume that you are wealthy. This causes some celebrities to become nearly paranoid about the question of who really loves them and who loves them just because they are famous and presumably rich.

Number 3: It can be hard to keep a balanced perspective about yourself.

Most people don’t get applauded for their work. Most don’t get adored. But successful performers do. And the adulation showered upon them by their fans can be difficult to cope with emotionally. Adulation can tremendously inflate your ego beyond all reasonable proportions. It can give you a sense of entitlement and the belief that you deserve all your good fortune and all the adulation.

The key is to keep a balanced perspective. Enjoy all the pleasures (in moderation, of course) of being a celebrity, but remember that it is a position of privilege, not entitlement. Ideally, it is the product of hard work and, in most cases, of years of auditions, training, successes but also failures, and a lot of hard work. But most celebrities will tell you: No matter how hard the work, no matter how tough the challenge of being a celebrity may be, they wouldn’t exchange it for any other career in the world.

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