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Extreme Trivia #66

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in Extreme Trivia | Posted on 31-05-2007


First, last week’s trivia answer — late in the second quarter in a 1971 game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Washington Redskins run a reverse play that loses three yards — and the winning question:

  • Peter Roff: “What was the play Richard Nixon called in to George Allen that lost the Redskins yardage?”

By the way, Lee Annis notes: “Peter Roff is absolutely correct and deserves a prize, but diehards will recall Roy Jefferson lost 13 yards.”  But rkclement says: “What US President provided a play for George Allen’s Redskins that wound up losing three yards?”

  • Other fun questions:
    RCGeist: “What was the play suggested by Richard M Nixon to Redskins head coach George Allen that taught Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula that RMN is not a good offensive coordinator when the President suggested the “Fins use a slant pass to Paul Warfield in Super Bowl VI? Shula could lose it all on his own — Cowboys 24 – Dolphins 3.”
  • Phil Chroniger: “What example about why you shouldn’t take advice from a president, who faces intense media scrutiny because of a struggling war, did George Allen provide for his kids?”

    Now, this week’s Extreme Trivia answer — Warm Springs, Georgia.  What’s the question?

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