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Extreme Trivia #6

Posted by Arnold Shultz | Posted in Extreme Trivia | Posted on 24-04-2006


Now, the answer to our last Extreme Trivia question.  Name any word or words the Chinese government bans from the Internet.

The winner: Madeleine Begun Kane, of the very funny blog madkane.com.  She nailed the correct answer, writing, “I don’t believe the Chinese government bans any words in the formal sense of publishing a list of banned words. And by deliberately not making such a list available, it encourages self-censorship. You don’t know what is and what isn’t allowed, so the fear of running afoul of this unknown list results in self-censorship that may well go beyond what the Chinese government might actually punish you for.”

As the New York Times Magazine wrote this Sunday – a story that came out after madkane got the answer right, I’ll have you know — “American Internet firms typically arrive in China expecting the government to hand them an official blacklist of sites and words they must censor. They quickly discover that no master list exists. Instead, the government simply insists the firms interpret the vague regulations themselves. The companies must do a sort of political mind reading and intuit in advance what the government won’t like.”

And now, the next Extreme Trivia question.  Name the championship boxer who was a public supporter of a recent democracy revolution in his native country.

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