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The Creator of Celebrity Rehab Regrets Making The Show

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Celebrity, Extreme Mortman | Posted on 08-11-2011


This is one of the biggest topics that are being talked about right now because honestly, what did he actually expect from this show? The network that brought us so many other shows might have not been thinking as well. The show has had its ups and downs and the ratings have been not so great lately but what is this actually portraying to the public overall? This is something that the network, director, and creator of the show should have brought their heads together and thoroughly thought this one through. Is it really worth putting on television? Explore Talent provides talented actors, models, musicians, and dancers with a database of auditions

The co creator of Celebrity Rehab and former addict, Bob Forrest, has spoke more about his decisions when it came to creating and bringing the addiction recovery process to the television as a reality show. He now is claiming that if he could go back in time, and do it all over again, he would never have agreed and allowed it to happen. Become an ExploreTalent member, the planet’s largest Acting & Modeling Website for free

He went on to explain that if he had to do it all over again, he would have never walked into the office and stated that they should have did this show at all, much less aired it over television to begin with. A lot of people thought and were stating that rehab is a total joke and waste of time because of this. Rehab is actually a real thing. He doesn’t like the way the show is edited, and that the network shows the same things over and over again without actually adding any of the good real life meat to the show. He technically does not like what it has become overall. This is because it is not like the real rehab since they cut those parts out of the television show. ExploreTalent.com coaches you and helps you obtain the discipline you need to succeed in the entertainment industry.

A lot of people do not doubt his work, and that he had true, clear, good intentions when it came to airing the show, but sometimes you have to think of it this way—we live in a world where people do just about anything that they want in order to be in the limelight. This is something that is clearly going around, and lots of people want fame and attention and in order to get it, they will do anything. He should be comforted to know that some people are there just because of that, and still receiving treatment at the end of the day. They really are receiving the treatment, even if it means being on television. Hopefully this means that they are receiving the help that many of them, clearly needed even if it means they just want a minute of attention. He is still getting them something that they would not normally do.

There are many mixed feelings on this television show, and people are thinking that maybe it shouldn’t have happened at all as well. This is because of what it shows, and what it doesn’t show. This is something that is going to be left up to debate when the time comes.

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