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How to Ace Your 2012 Acting Auditions

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Auditions, Celebrity | Posted on 28-09-2012


If you are an aspiring actor who is looking for work, you should consider going to some auditions. Acting auditions are held for various productions like: films, plays or TV shows. If you are interested in getting a role in any of them, you are lucky, because there are many 2012 acting auditions waiting for you to make an impression.

Of course, making it in the entertainment business as an actor is no easy job, but if you are determined to pass any obstacles that may appear on the way, you will have a chance at stardom. There are things you can do to improve your chances of getting a part in a movie, play or TV show.

  • First, you have to do a little research. Look for acting auditions that are held in your town or city. Find as much as you can about each open casting call. See if you are familiar with the production the audition is held for and based on that make a decision if it’s right for you. Don’t be picky, but don’t go to every obscure acting audition. Choose something that is decent and something that you can mange.

Before going to acting auditions, remember to bring your resume with you. Your resume should have your headshot attached to it.

  • This is important, because if the line is too big, the casting directors will only pick a small number of participants. The resume will increase your chances of being picked.
  • Besides the resume, you should also prepare a monologue. The monologue should not be longer than 2-3 minutes and you must be able to perform it almost perfectly. It is important to practice as much as you cab. If you feel that you need professional help, you can always do some acting classes. Acting classes are very useful for a young aspiring actor. You will be able to improve your technique and you will also receive a lot o plenty advice.

When you are sitting in the waiting room, waiting for your turn try to relax and don’t chat with the other contestants. Making conversation will only destroy your concentration and you need to be focused on the performance that you are about to give. When the time comes and you step into the room where the casting directors are, don’t let yourself intimidated. Deliver your performance with confidence. Remember to smile and be polite!

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