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The Argument For A Two-Drink Minimum

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in Barack Obama, celebrity babble, Funniest 2008, Hollywood | Posted on 30-04-2008


Larry King just asked Barack Obama-booster Michael Moore what Moore would do if he were president.

One of Moore’s proposals: “Free HBO for every American.”

Let’s see, last night Larry King interviewed Bush hater Joy Behar (”I just don’t want another Republican in office anymore. Have you watched the ‘John Adams’ series? Isn’t it brilliant? When you see what John Adams was like and George Bush, it’s almost like Darwinism in reverse?”).

The night before, Larry King interviewed Jimmy Carter (”[Jeremiah Wright] preaches the type of sermon that I think appeals to many people”).

Boy, Democrats must be proud to see their best and brightest in front of the nation every night. Makes you wonder who they’ll put forward at their summer convention … Sean Penn? Barbra Streisand?

That’s not a serious party. That’s a lounge act.

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