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What Is The Best Way To Ask A Celebrity For An Autograph?

Posted by admin | Posted in Celebrities In Politics | Posted on 23-10-2011

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What Is The Best Way To Ask A Celebrity For An Autograph?

In this celebrity obsessed culture we now live in it can be hard to imagine our favourite celebs doing normal everyday things such as food shopping or eating in a restaurant. Of course they do do these things like everyone, they are human after all! Most of us are interested in the world of celebrity to some extent whether it is a fascination with a certain sportsman or actress. We tend to put these people up on a pedestal and imagine that they live some sort of god-like existence. But there will be times when celebrities are spotted doing normal everyday things and this is a perfect opportunity for an avid celebrity autograph collector to obtain an autograph.

 If you are not used to seeing celebrities wandering around doing normal things then the chances are you may feel very star-struck and nervous. Of course you want to get an autograph to add to your collection but you don’t want to seem rude or pushy, and most of all you don’t want to disturb them going about their daily business. However, celebrities are well aware of their popularity and the effect that their presence may have on some people and they will be very used to being asked for autographs. Therefore most celebs will be friendly and co-operative if you were to approach them.


 However, there is a way of approaching a celeb for an autograph that will greatly increase your chances of getting what you want. You should make sure that you are polite and friendly at all times; this is the key to getting an autograph. Keep in mind that celebrities are really just normal people like us who just happen to have some extra special qualities that make them famous. If you remember this it will help you to calm your nerves when approaching them.

 It is useful to remember that you are not the first person to ask them for an autograph. Chances are they have been involved in numerous press opportunities and have had to sign hundreds maybe even thousands of autographs in the past. They therefore should be used to the situation and there is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to imagine that you are the sort of person who asks celebs for their autograph all the time, think about what you’re going to say before approaching them and be confident!

 You should be confident when approaching the celebrity but don’t seem too cocky or pushy. You should politely introduce yourself and compliment him or her on their latest film or last match or whatever it is they do. You should make sure that you are armed with a pen and paper and hold it out for the celebrity to sign but don’t force it on them. You should ask politely for an autograph and if they decline just say “thank you anyway. It was nice meeting you” and leave them to it. If the celeb does give you a signature then always remember to be very thankful and polite.

 If you have a camera with you then you can always ask for a picture with them as well. Follow the same etiquette that you did with the autograph, if they refuse be polite and walk away.

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