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Acting Auditions for Disney Channel

Posted by Marylou Curnutte | Posted in Cable TV, Celebrity | Posted on 06-03-2012

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If you are planning making it big even while you’re still young, one of the better strategies to start is by undergoing acting auditions for Disney Channel, they’re always on a look out for new talents which they could promote. There are various things that you have to expect during the process. Once you get there, a cast member can help you check in and would answer some basic questions in how the auditions work. Pay attention to them very well and make sure to arrive in time. You may be asked to go and get a headshot and provide your resume and give your audition application form. Ensure that your resume is impressive, packed with learning and auditions and performances which you have already tried in the past such as theater productions which you have joined in or a viral video hit created by you.

You should also be able to place quite a few acting lessons in your resume.This is why you must always spend some time to learn acting lessons during your summer break. Learn as many acting lessons and dance lessons that you could. It might involve ballet, pop dance, hip-hop dancing, and other professional types of dancing. You will also need to make sure to try various acting roles just like comedic roles, lead stars in a play or some other roles that you may have landed in your past that has provided you with practical experience.For the Disney channel auditions and casting calls just be sure you are mentally, emotionally and physically prepared. You have to time your performance. Get there on time so if there are any changes on the script you would be able to adjust. Always arrive twenty minutes or more prior to the scheduled audition time to get in touch with the flow of things.

Furthermore, be sure to have a lot of practice. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious and nervous, but don’t forget that once you overcome the fear, the opportunity comes in. You have to be positive about the experience no matter what happens and accept the criticism and turn it into something constructive, even if you hear a “NO” for the role. You can always try other roles that Disney would need.

Bear in mind that stardom doesn’t come simple and you will not obtain the nod every time you go to acting auditions Disney channel. If you want something bad, you need to work hard to earn it. Stars like Michelle Williams have experienced lots of rejections in life before she got what she truly wanted and deserved. Think that you can and you will eventually.

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