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Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in blogs, foreign policy, Iran, public diplomacy | Posted on 27-02-2006


Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds gave a fascinating interview to C-SPAN’s Brian Lamb about the blogosphere. Here’s the whole transcript.

Glenn offered lots of important information and tidbits. I found this exchange about the number of blogs to be particularly insightful:

LAMB: Is that 27 million around the world?

REYNOLDS: Yes, yes, and they are not all English language. There are a lot of Chinese blogs, a lot of Farsi-language blogs, which the Iranian mullahs don’t like very much. But they don’t seem to be able to stamp it out.

Tracking Persian-language blogs might be the next frontier for American foreign policy and public diplomacy. Cheers to Instapundit for identifying it.

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