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Blogs The Famous Media Reads: John Harwood

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in blogs, Blogs the Famous Media Read, Famous Media | Posted on 28-02-2006


Now, the next installment in Extreme Mortman’s regular feature: a peek inside the blog-reading habits of our nation’s top reporters and media celebrities. John Harwood is national political editor for the Wall Street Journal. He writes the paper’s regular political column Washington Wire. And he’s a smart, big-time TV commentator, offering political analysis on television programs including Meet the Press and Washington Week with Gwen Ifil and National Journal.

And now, John Harwood — here’s what he tells Extreme Mortman he reads:
My favorite and most frequent destination is realclearpolitics.com, which has a great collection of current polling data and links to smart commentators. I like Marshall Wittmann’s blog, bullmoose.blogger.blogspot.com. I tend to visit blogs not at a set time but rather because I’ve heard of something especially there or I want to sample activist reaction to a specific political development. Those include redstate, instapundit, huffingtonpost and dailykos.

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