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Blogs The Famous Media Reads: Jake Tapper

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in blogs, Blogs the Famous Media Read, Famous Media, Jake and the Tapman, Tap Tapper Tappest | Posted on 23-02-2006


Now, the next installment in Extreme Mortman’s regular feature: a peek inside the blog-reading habits of our nation’s top reporters and media celebrities. And hoooo boy, when you talk media celebrity, no one quite fits that description like Jake Tapper. The skyrocketing star of this lovely and talented ABC News Correspondent refuses to end. And attention fellow bloggers — he’s one of us. He’s got his own groovy blog now, and in the old days he wrote for salon.com. So stick with your craft. Some day soon you too might contribute regularly to “Good Morning America,” “Nightline,” “World News Tonight,” and “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”


And now, Jake Tapper — here’s what he tells Extreme Mortman he reads:
As a base tan, I start my day on the websites of MSM….ABCNews.com, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. Good preparation for general topics the blogs will be discussing. Also, of course, Drudge.

I see what folks have posted to my blog at abc (I have some very feisty post-ers), and see what my fellow-blogging ABC colleagues have posted…whether Jim Sciutto, Ned Potter, Manny Medrano or others….

Then it’s into the blogosphere.

Dive!! Dive!!

I tend to first check out Andrewsullivan.com and Kausfiles.com….I blog, therefore I am. Pals Andrew and Mickey, an iconoclastic conservative and an angst-filled Democrat, who seldom fail to have interesting links and thoughts as they deal with issues they have about their respective right/left “sides.” (Though I wish Mickey would post a bit more. And not so much about cars.)

In no particular order, I click on various favorites from the opinion or partisan field….


RIGHT! I see what opinionjournal.com has come up with…instapundit… .littlegreenfootballs… .hugh hewitt… .National Review’s “The Corner”… .The Volokh Conspiracy (I put Prof Volokh on TV once, for his thoughts on abortion and the Constitution, which I’d first read on his blog)

LEFT! It’s TalkingPointsMemo… DailyKos… The Huffington Post… jameswolcott.com (interviewed Wolcott for a show on ABC News Now about his book “Attack Poodles”)… and the American Prospect’s “Tapped.”

Also check out the biz blogs — mediabistro.com and fishbowldc…..

Michael Yon is an embedded blogger whom I met through a Fred Friendly seminar I recently moderated on the media in a time of war. Fascinating stuff from the frontlines.

Met Craig Newmark (aka Craig from Craigslist) through a Nightline profile I did of him and I sometimes check his site out, too, though again — a too infrequent poster, IMHO.

There are a ton of others I peruse less regularly, including Powerline, Lileks, the post-Cox Wonkette, Michelle Malkin, et al.

The vitriol out there tends not to bother me too much, but it does often bore me. I seek new information, unique takes on things.

Gawker. Defamer.

When I was covernig the Terri Schiavo case I checked out the “How Appealing” blog several times a day. Ditto for SCOTUSblog when I’m checking out Supreme Court stuff.

They make up an ideological bouillabaisse, these blogs, and I indulge.

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