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One Nice Thing To Say About The Goracle

Posted by Victoria Reynolds | Posted in Al Gore, Bill Clinton, global warming, Hollywood, Oh! Zone! | Posted on 25-02-2007


I know it’s tough to say anything more about Al Gore that hasn’t already been said about cardboard, but consider this additional fact.

The Washington Post this morning reports on Gore’s travels around the world to promote “An Inconvenient Truth,” up for best documentary at tonight’s Academy Awards.  Gore, or, as the Post says he’s called, the Goracle, “worked the premieres in Edinburgh, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Sydney, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin and Tokyo.”

Now whether or not you agree with the thrust of Gore’s global warming message, there’s some charm in internationally crusading for a cause you believe in.

Contrast Gore’s nobility with Bill Clinton.  We learned in Friday’s Post story about Clinton’s multi-million dollar speaking gigs that, “Two-thirds of the former president’s speaking money has come from foreign sources.”

Wonder if, instead of Gore, it were Clinton on stage accepting an Oscar tonight, he’d charge a speaking fee.

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