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How to Find the Right One Bike frame size is always essential to consider when buying a bicycle, as it will definitely mean a much safer and comfortable riding on your bicycle. Bicycles come in different sizes and styles of frames, as one particular model of bicycle can possibly have two to three frame sizes that usually intended to fit different physical built or sizes of riders. Although, an average height individual can ride almost all bike model sizes comfortably since the saddle and seat post can be adjusted accordingly, smaller and taller riders will find it difficult to adjust if the frame size of the bike does not fit them.

If taller bike riders acquire a bike frame size that is too small, chances are their ride will be uncomfortable and their pedaling will surely be inefficient and inconvenient. Alternatively, is smaller riders acquire a frame size too large or tall for them, it will be fairly hard for them to mount their bikes and balance will surely be an issue, especially when coming to a stop since they will not be able to land their feet properly without tipping over.


When buying a MTB bike, you must always consider the fit of the bike that you choose, as even if you bought the most expensive bicycle that you like will not be that great, useful, and effective if it does not fit you well. This is an essential reason why you must buy a bicycle with the right bike frame size that fits you perfectly for excellent comfort and safety when going out for a bike ride.

Among the key reasons why bike frame sizing is difficult and confusing is because bicycle manufacturers have different methods or ways in measuring their seat tube. Due to this reason, bicycles from various manufacturers, though they have the same sizes, can certainly vary in fit. Another reason for this difficulty is that some bike manufacturers are not even using numerical system with regards to measuring the frame size of their bike. Sizes like small, medium, large, and so on, are utilized which is why it makes it even more confusing.

However, there’s an easy and efficient solution to avoid the confusion about the frame size and this is being able to be there in person to measure or size-up the bicycle that you need. This convenient and effective way of choosing the right bike frame size is highly recommended since in this way, you can find the right bike that fits you perfectly and you will not be worrying about measurement and size discrepancies.

If you are not satisfied with the bike you bought due to its performance and discomfort, try changing some accessories or hardware. The seat post can help you greatly in acquiring the right pedaling height as well as the saddle. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that replacement or adjustments are available and necessary to fit a bike frame size much better for your comfort and safety.

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