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Kaine Drops Keep Falling On My Head

Posted by John Pegway | Posted in 2008 campaign, Barack Obama, Virginia | Posted on 31-01-2008


The February 12th Pundit Primary can’t come quick enough.  You can’t go anywhere in Northern Virginia these days without being swarmed by Tim Kaine for VP talk.

We last checked in with the Tim Kaine for running mate juggernaut when he was on CNN saying nice things about Ronald Reagan.  Today’s evidence came a different way — when we tripped over our pile of junk mail at home and spotted the local Sun Gazette newspaper.

And there was the headline: “Kaine for VP?  Don’t Rule Him Out.”

We “learn” this from the story:

Gov. Kaine says he wouldn’t expect to be chosen and doesn’t think he would be the best choice, but he also hasn’t explicitly ruled out running as the Democratic vice presidential nominee, if asked to join the ticket.

Speaking to state business leaders in Richmond on Jan. 23, the governor said that “there are much better people out there” to be the vice presidential.

Asked about the possibility of joining the ticket during a “Chamber Day at the Capitol” event, Kaine said he plans on serving his full term as governor, and will try “to get things done that need to get done in Virginia.”

Kaine has appeared on lists of prospective vice president picks, should U.S. Sen. Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination. Kaine was the first governor to endorse Obama, and now serves as a national co-chairman of his campaign.

Of course, should an Obama-Kaine ticket win the White House in November, Kaine would turn Virginia over to a Republican governor, current Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling.  Now that’s the true spirit of bipartisanship.

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