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Teeing Off On The Persian Golf?

Posted by Lauren Michaels | Posted in Abramoff, All Things Daroff, Israel | Posted on 24-02-2006


Bloomberg News runs a story that begins:

Jewish groups have made Israel the top foreign destination for U.S. lawmakers on privately funded trips. Now, they’re fighting to make sure the fallout from the Jack Abramoff scandal doesn’t ground those flights.

You can read the full story here. Let’s cut right to a section featuring a friend of mine:

Representatives of Jewish groups say the educational value of the travel to the lawmakers is clear. “We are not bringing them to play golf,” said William Daroff, vice president for public policy at United Jewish Communities, a New York umbrella group that’s lobbying against a total travel ban.

William is right. I’ve been on one of those trips and I can tell you first-hand golf is not a part of Israeli life. Heck, in Israel, if you try to play the back nine, you’ll hit Gaza.

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