5 essentials that all cyclists in Spain need

Having these 5 essentials will defiantly increase your safety and are quite useful whether your cycling recreational or competitively with some friends. If you don’t have any of these your local bike shop or you could even order these essentials online.

Helmets save lives, there’s no doubt about that. If you’re planning on cycling at speeds of over 15km and you don’t have a helmet when you fall you could suffer serious injuries. Make sure your helmet fits all safety regulations, helmets should be replaced if broken, cracked or when it doesn’t. Your helmet should be able to fit snug on your head, always fasten and check it’s tight before moving off.

Brakes are an essential that should never be over looked. Brakes stop us when we’re traveling to fast and we need to stop suddenly, using your feet as brakes WILL NOT replace broken brakes nor will they stop your bicycle in time. Always make sure that the set of brakes is in working order, never ride a bike with faulty brakes. If you own a bike with faulty brakes repair them, always make sure you bike is properly maintained so you avoid rusty and broken brakes.


A Bell will serve as a warning device for pedestrians, warning them of your presence. Use 30 metres it before reaching them and ring it twice in case they didn’t hear it the first time. When approaching areas such as bus stops, shops and car packs bells will serve handy to clear the way especially.



Fluorescent Clothing is important when using the road and shared paths so motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists can see you.  Fluorescent clothing reflects the light and is much easier to see in the dark than other colours, avoid dark clothing when cycling. If you don’t have any fluorescent clothing these wear some bright coloured clothes. Safety and being seen are very important when it comes to using the roads. Always wear closed footwear on a bicycle for protection, avoid open foot wear like flip flops and Jandels.


Lights and reflectors It is compulsory to have a red rear end light and white front light for cycling in the dark, if you currently do not have any and you cycle in during times of low light and darkness then buying a red light and front white light is a good idea. When it comes to purchasing these spend 15$ or more on both lights. Good quality lights will be able to get you seen by others. These higher quality lighters are reliable and stronger and will defiantly serve their purpose by lighting up the path in front of you during the dark and helping by being seen from the rear.

With these 5 essentials your chances of being seen and avoiding an accident will improve tremendously.

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